Integrated Power Plant Controller & SCADA

PPC Logic & Performance Testing

PPC Logic & Performance Testing

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ETAP Power Plant Controller (PPC) guarantees renewable systems to generate maximum yields and contribute to the stability of public utility grids. It meets the requirements of grid operators worldwide with its ability to regulate voltage, reactive and active power and the power factor at the grid feed-in point quickly and precisely.
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ETAP Model-Driven PPC Solution includes a digital twin of the electrical system combined with advanced automation hardware and system protection that can optimize and control complex electric systems. ETAP PPC is a holistic software and hardware solution that provides complete system automation for safe and reliable operation. ETAP PPC integrates with onsite Solar PV, Energy Storage, WTGs, and more to manage grid compliance and cost-effective generation in real-time. Grid conformity thus becomes a calculable factor and guarantees a smooth approval procedure when connecting to the grid.

PPC controller logic can be adjusted and customized by the user/integrator to meet every plant-specific requirement. Remote hot updates to PPC logic, and performance monitoring reduces maintenance costs in the module array.



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