Multi-Dimensional Database

Multi-Dimensional Database

Multi-Dimensional Database

Unique to ETAP is the transformation from a flat database into a multi-dimensional database. This eliminates the need to make hundreds of copies of the database.
The multi-dimensional database allows for unlimited graphical presentations, status configurations, base & revision data, and operational parameters within the same project database.

Using the concept of Presentation, Status Configuration, and Revision Data, you can create numerous combinations of networks of diverse configurations and varying engineering properties that allow you to fully investigate and study the behavior and characteristics of the electrical networks using one database.

Use project macros to run multiple study scenarios with a single-click and generate multiple reports instead of running each individually, saving valuable time and effort.

Multi-Dimensional Database Key Features

  • Orthogonal multi-dimension database
  • Unlimited independent graphical views
  • Unlimited status configurations
  • Unlimited property revisions
  • Multiple loading & generation conditions
  • Real-time operating data
  • Unlimited study solutions
  • ODBC – SQL server
  • Dumpster with unlimited cells: copy & paste
  • User access security with password protection
  • Edited-by & checked-by with date stamping
  • Merge project files via clipboard
  • Lock & unlock element properties
  • 10 States to track equipment conditions
  • Local SQL server connectivity
  • Utilize real-time operating data
  • Collaborate on ETAP projects using Project Merge: License dependent
ETAP One-Line View Presentations

Multi-Dimensional Database Key Benefits

  • No need to keep multiple copies of the database
  • Eliminate data discrepancies & errors
  • Higher capability & flexibility
  • Higher productivity
  • Less man-hours




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