Integrated Power Plant Controller & SCADA

Model-Driven Power Plant SCADA/HMI

Model-Driven Power Plant SCADA/HMI

Awareness & Intelligence

As a power plant operator, utilize ETAP Real-Time™ Model-Driven Power Plant SCADA, HMI & Predictive Analysis to answer two critical questions and get the most from each asset and avoid downtime surprises. Firstly, acquire the ability to monitor all assets, both from a production perspective intelligently and address energy production per source. Secondly, gain insight into asset health and perform preventive maintenance based on present and anticipated conditions.

  • Insight into the performance of the entire portfolio – anywhere, anytime
  • Asset health monitoring- KPIs with notification
  • Investor overview & configurable reporting
  • Performance ratios, alarming, workforce management
  • User-friendly power plant controller parameterization
  • Web-based HMI for energy tracking, yield trending, etc.
  • Model-Driven predictive “what-if” Analysis

Key Features

  • Linux Based Platform
  • Innovative Tech
  • Custom Reporting
  • Archive Historian
  • Flexible Security
  • Logic Driven
  • Web SCADA
  • Unlimited Scalability
  • Alarm & Events
  • HMI & Model Builder
  • Charting & Trending
  • Change Management
  • Scripting & Logic
  • System Automation



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