Load Preservation Software

Load Preservation

Load Preservation Analysis

Load Preservation first calculates the minimum required power to be shed for each subsystem and accordingly selects the optimal combination of loads that will satisfy the requirements.

Load Preservation Software Key Features

  • Steady-State & Transient Response
  • Optimal Load Preservation
  • Proactive Contingency Analysis
  • Fast Response Time & Reliable Operation
  • Minimum Load Shedding  
Load Preservation Software

Shed Less Load

The longer it takes to shed load during a disturbance, the more load that must ultimately be shed. Because of the intelligence and speed of ILS, the actual amount of load that is shed is far less than that of using the conventional methods such as frequency relay and PLC-based schemes.
Load Preservation Software

Unlimited Load Schedules

Intelligent Load Shedding (ILS) provides an unlimited number of load schedules for the operators to select from. This flexibility of emergency load reduction produces the ultimate in system flexibility during upset or emergency conditions Each load schedule can be defined with different load priority tables, load groups, options, calculation method, etc. This is necessary for different operating cycles of the system where load priority may not be the same. With ILS, the operator can switch load schedules with minimum effort.
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