Demand Side Management System

Demand Side Management

DSM System

ETAP Demand Side Management (DSM) system evaluates and implements energy-reducing strategies such as peak load shifting, load start inhibition, and shedding of non-critical loads to reduce energy cost.  DSM identifies costly variations in electrical load profiles by determining if and when peak demand usage occurs in a facility.

Demand Side Management System Key Features & Capabilites

  • Demand Side Management
  • Time-of-Use Load Shifting
  • Intelligent Load Management
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Reduce peak MWh costs
  • Reduce Mvar & power factor penalties
  • Improve system operation & stability
  • Increase equipment life
  • Increase system capacity
  • Shared decision making process
Demand Side Management Software

Demand-Side Management

Demand-Side Management (DSM) produces a more reliable and economical operation, while maintaining the power system’s operational integrity. Evaluate efficiency and determine where energy-reducing strategies such as moving on-peak usage into off-peak periods or shifting from one rate schedule to another could help to improve the bottom line.

Since demand can often vary hourly, daily, or monthly, specific utility surcharges can be reduced or eliminated by pinpointing the source and length of the peak demand usage. Demand-Side Management can be configured to shed non-critical loads during situations where peak electrical demand threatens to increase your electrical bill and reduce the operating profit of your facility.

Intelligent Load Management

Intelligent Load Management (ILM) assists in implementing control strategies to avoid situations where an unforeseen peak demand period might “ratchet” or lock you into an expensive electrical surcharge for the balance of the month or year.

Intelligent Load Management provides a means to perform an orderly cycle-down of your plant operations during electrical disturbances such as loss of phase, undervoltage, or poor power quality situations. This can prevent costly material losses, as well as reducing unsafe operating situations for your employees.



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