Load Allocation Software

Load Allocation

Load Allocation Analysis

Analyze & Determine System Wide Technical & Non-Technical Losses
ETAP Load Allocation software considers automatic meter reading (AMR 15-minute)
of kW and kvar demand combined with a number of methods to allocate the load correctly for each load point.
Load Allocation Software

Load Allocation Software Key Features

  • Daily kWh
  • Monthly kWh
  • Transformer kVA
  • Real consumption - REA method

Most power flow programs are used to study power systems from the substation down to the primary terminals of the distribution transformers. What should the load be for each transformer? Until recent years, the only information that engineers would have about the load would be the transformer kVA rating. In some cases, the kWh consumption of each customer was known in addition to information on which customers were connected to each transformer.


With the advent and application of automatic meter reading (AMR), engineers now have a powerful tool for modeling load very accurately. Of course for this to happen, each customer must be metered and identified with a specific transformer. Unfortunately, for many utilities this degree of sophistication is not available. However, a better understanding of load allocation can be developed using available data from other utilities.



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