Geospatial Track Modeling

Geospatial Track Modeling

Geospatial Track Modeling

Geospatial Track & Power System Modeling

ETAP Geospatial Track Modeling has a range of flexible tools that enable a user to visualize electrical and railway networks including geographic representation based on GPS coordinates.


 Geospatial Track modeling allows virtual modeling and utilization of intelligent one-line diagram and geospatial visualization. New and existing railway systems can take advantage of synchronized one-line and geospatial diagrams for visualization of railway assets and simulation results.

Geospatial Track Modeling Key Features

    • User-friendly graphical environment
    • Fast and simple tools to build a geospatial track layout
    • Import track and station location from external sources
    • Import from OpenStreetMap, MS Excel, LandXML, etc.
    • Utilize or create single-line diagram templates for OCS, TSS, SSP, etc.
    • Built in auto-layout function with multiple choice of spacing
    • Graphical results and train animation on geospatial and electrical views

    Geospatial Track Modeling Application

    • GPS Based geographic diagrams with background maps
    • Geospatial railway network modeling and visualization
    • Create and manage traction power system database
    • Generate and maintain a synchronized electrical single-line diagram


    Integrated Modeling and Analysis of Electrified Railroad Operations and Traction Power Systems

    Integrated Modeling and Analysis of Electrified Railroad Operations and Traction Power Systems

    The presentation covers: physical modeling of rail systems, techniques to speed modeling development, eTraX modular integration in ETAP, railroad & power system model validation, railroad & power system model calibration, integrating railroad operations & power system analysis. Practical lessons learned that address project challenges and solutions are discussed. The value of modeling and analysis, engineering deliverables, why they have value, and creating value streams are presented. 


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