Geospatial Track Modeling

Geospatial Track Modeling

Geospatial Track Modeling

Geospatial Track & Power System Modeling

ETAP Geospatial Track Modeling has a range of flexible tools that enable a user to visualize electrical and railway networks including geographic representation based on GPS coordinates.


 Geospatial Track modeling allows virtual modeling and utilization of intelligent one-line diagram and geospatial visualization. New and existing railway systems can take advantage of synchronized one-line and geospatial diagrams for visualization of railway assets and simulation results.

Geospatial Track Modeling Key Features

    • User-friendly graphical environment
    • Fast and simple tools to build a geospatial track layout
    • Import track and station location from external sources
    • Import from OpenStreetMap, MS Excel, LandXML, etc.
    • Utilize or create single-line diagram templates for OCS, TSS, SSP, etc.
    • Built in auto-layout function with multiple choice of spacing
    • Graphical results and train animation on geospatial and electrical views

    Geospatial Track Modeling Application

    • GPS Based geographic diagrams with background maps
    • Geospatial railway network modeling and visualization
    • Create and manage traction power system database
    • Generate and maintain a synchronized electrical single-line diagram



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