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Energy Accounting

Energy Accounting Analysis

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Energy accounting software provides energy usage analysis and cost allocation for individual generation units, areas, and the entire system. ETAP can track and create energy billing reports based on user-definable energy cost functions and energy tariffs. The energy cost / profit analysis and energy production / consumption billing are reported for generators and inter-tie exchanges.


Energy Cost Reporting Key Features

  • Cost Allocation
  • Real-Time Energy Cost Tracker
  • Predict system-wide energy usage & cost
  • User-definable cost functions & heat rates
  • Track energy related costs
  • Negotiate better energy rates
  • Avoid unnecessary peak demands & penalties
  • Implement cost savings programs
  • Make better decisions on generation opportunities
  • Improve energy usage of existing plant facilities
  • Cost/profit analysis report
  • Production/consumption billing
Predict system-wide energy usage & cost

Energy Accounting software provides real-time cost and usage comparison against on-site generation, power exchange allocation, and spinning reserves while providing power consumption and pricing profiles for reporting purposes.

Comparison against on-site generation, power exchange allocation, and spinning reserves



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