Distribution Equipment Modeling

Distribution Equipment Modeling

Distribution Equipment Modeling

ETAP includes detailed modeling and simulation of key distribution equipment for steady-state as well as dynamic response.


Distribution Equipment Modeling Key Features

  • Distribution Segment & Junctions
  • Distribution Feeders, Lines & Cables
  • Substations & Switching Stations
  • Jumper, Cut, Open Point & Splice
  • Distribution Transformers – Pole, Pad & Vault
  • Open Delta Transformer
  • Fuse Links & Fuse Cutouts
  • Load Break Switches
  • WECC - Type 1 wind turbine generator models (induction generator)
  • WECC - Type 2 wind turbine generator models (induction generator with variable slip)
  • WECC - Type 3 wind turbine generator models (doubly-fed induction generator)
  • WECC - Type 4 wind turbine generator models (full scale power converter)
  • Comprehensive excitation system & turbine/engine-governor models
  • Switched shunt capacitor banks
  • Distribution line pole configurations
  • Distribution line constants calculation
  • Distributed Load
  • Spot Load
  • Numerical Relays including overcurrent relays and distance relays
  • Multiple generator dynamic models
  • Complete synchronous & induction machine models
  • Comprehensive dynamic load modeling
  • AC & DC Photovoltaic and inverter modeling
  • Voltage Regulators
  • Phase shifting transformers
  • Multiple types of harmonic filters



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