ESRI ArcGIS™ Interface

ETAP's ESRI ArcGIS Interface allows you to easily convert your system model from ESRI ArcGIS to ETAP Distribution View transferring all the electrical data and Geospatial Information.

Key Features

  • Geospatial model preview
  • Customized element and property universal mapping for all feature classes
  • Interpreting ESRI Domain code and allow customized Mapping
  • Interpret the ESRI Geometric Network and make connections in ETAP
  • Selecting area to convert partial model
  • Create ETAP Geospatial Model
  • Incrementally import the model changes including data changes or connection changes
  • Intelligent Online Auto-Incremental import
ESRI Import and ULF

ETAP ArcGIS – Auto-Incremental Import

  • ETAP supports incremental actions including, Add, Delete and Modify.
  • ETAP allows user defined FTP Location to store incremental ESRI files.
  • ETAP allows user defined local folder to store incremental ESRI files.
  • ETAP DataHub watches the FTP/Folder and initials the incremental automatically.
  • Incremental changes reflect to the Geospatial Model automatically.
  • ETAP allows user to control the start and stop of incremental import.
ETAP ArcGIS Auto-Incremental Import

ESRI ArcGIS – ETAP Universal Mapping

  • ETAP makes use of the information available in ESRI database for automatically populating element properties in the Universal Mapping table
  • ETAP allow customized mapping from ESRI components to ETAP elements. ESRI subtypes are supported as well.
  • ETAP converts the original coordinate system conversion to be compatible with ETAP GIS View automatically.
  • ETAP allows customized properties mapping for all ESRI attributes. Logic can be applied.
  • ETAP provides the capability to map ESRI Domain to ETAP properties.
ETAP Universal MappingDomain Mapping



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