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Intelligent Monitoring Analysis

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ETAP Power Monitoring software provides intuitive and integrated real-time power monitoring via an intelligent graphical user interface. Energy Monitoring Software functions include checking the condition of the network, estimating missing system states, detecting network abnormalities, and announcing alarms based on operating conditions and status changes.


Network Topology Builder and Processor

The Network Topology Builder provides a user-friendly environment for creating and managing of the network database used for schematic network visualization and is the foundation of power management applications.

  • Intelligent one-line diagram
  • Multi-level nesting of sub-systems
  • Multi-color symbols
  • Interfaces management switching device
  • Unique multi-dimensional database
Monitoring Control Estimator

Advanced State Estimation

PSMS can track and record unusual activities with event logging and alarming tools. This provision allows for early detection and announcement of problems before a critical failure takes place.

Changes in system information are displayed graphically and logged. The calculated results are compared with metered parameters to provide pop-up alarms for equipment with missing and out-of-range data.

  • Annunciate local & system-wide alarms
  • Warnings based on equipment ratings
  • Alarm priority setting & event triggering
  • Annunciate out-of-range measurements
  • Graphical, tabulated, & audible annunciation
  • Predict abnormal conditions & critical failures
Real Time One-line diagram

Process & Performance Monitoring

The operator interface provides graphical and tabular views of the network to allow the operators and dispatchers to make quick, accurate, and proactive decisions while performing critical tasks.

ETAP’s embedded visualization tools, intelligent one-line diagram, and customizable notification views combined with prediction and simulation modules improve situation awareness by enabling the dispatcher to effectively and efficiently manage vast portions of the system.

  • Thin client application for monitoring & control
  • Customizable web-based interfaces & technology
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI) template library
  • Web-based customizable HMI
Operator Interface
ETAP Power Monitoring Systems Dashboards



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