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Sustainability through
Continuous Intelligence

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  • Safe

    Enhance safety by making informed decisions

  • Reliable

    Maximize your power system reliability

  • Efficient

    Maximize your operational efficiency

  • Compliant

    Simplify and maintain regulatory compliance

  • Sustainable

    Fast & accurate integration of renewables in the new energy landscape

What's New
in ETAP 2024


We are pleased to present the Beta release of ETAP 2024, integrated design and operation solutions featuring a new user interface designed to maximize efficiency, enhance productivity, and simplify the overall user experience.  

This major update brings a fresh and modern design - the new face and command paradigm for ETAP Design & Operate Solutions - reimagining how you interact with our industry-leading software.

Modern Ribbon Interface, Unifying Intent & Command

Ensure a seamless and intuitive experience with a ribbon-based user interface that brings user intent and command together.

Customize Your User Environment

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A complete list of all enhancements in ETAP
are listed on the What’s New page.

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