Microgrid Energy Management System

Microgrid Energy Management System

Marine Vessel, Ports & Harbor and Offshore Facility Energy Management System
ETAP allows for seamless transition of simulation models to real-time operations guaranteeing Change & Lifecycle Management control. 

Key Features

  • Smart Microgrid - Combines distributed energy technologies with intelligent software to intelligently monitor, proactively predict, actively manage and optimize energy supply & demand for a small-scale energy system such as those found in ship systems.
  • Power System Automation – Automation of distributed energy sources according to demand and power system reliability
  • Demand & Energy Management System – Switching off non-essential loads based on usage pattern 
  • Modeling & Simulation – Simulation tool to incorporate the dynamic behavior of microgrid during various ship operations such as maneuvering, battle conditions, etc.
  • Automatic Generation Control – Matching generation with load demand with sufficient look-ahead capability while maintaining adequate margins so as to improve energy utilization efficiency.
  • Redundancy and Switching Optimization – Ensuring quality of supply with automatic rerouting of power under stressed or damage conditions.
    Connecting the simulation model with real-time information allows operator to make informed decisions for prediction, automation, and proactive optimal power system reconfiguration under any operating condition.
    • Monitoring of top side and inside the vessel electrical distribution network
    • Open\Close request Signals for CBs
    • Load Shedding
      • Sudden Loss of Generation
      • System Under Frequency
      • Gradual Generator Overload
      • Sudden drop of steam header pressure
    • Steam Generator Fuel Change 
    • Generator Synchronization Initialization
    • Generator start\stop control
    • Transformer Winding Temperature Monitoring
    • Generator Monitoring including non-electrical parameters



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