Nuclear Utility User Group

16th Annual NUUG - June 21-23, 2016

The 16th Annual ETAP Nuclear Utility User Group (NUUG) Conference took place from June 21 -23 at the ETAP Learning Center in Irvine, CA followed by a one day workshop about Advanced Nuclear Power System Analysis. The conference was attended by 45 NUUG members from 23 companies and 24 nuclear plants.

 The conference offered the opportunity to focus on detail requirements and needs specific to power generation plants and the nuclear industry.

The conference agenda covered the following topics:

  • Keynote Address: The NPEC Family Tree of IEEE
  • State of the Company - ETAP 30th Anniversary
  • ETAP Education Session: Induction Machine Characteristics and Parameter Estimation
  • ETAP Battery Discharge Analysis with Control System Diagrams to Evaluate an Extended Battery Discharge Scenario for NFPA 805
  • Conversion of NETWORK Circuits to ETAP CSD
  • 120 VAC Panel System Modeling in ETAP
  • Degraded Voltage Relay (DVR) Settings Clinton Station DVR Setting Methodology Overview
    • McGuire/Catawba DVR Setting Methodology Overview
    • Point Beach DVR Setting Methodology Overview
    • Sequoyah DVR Setting Methodology Overview
    • Diablo Canyon DVR Setting Methodology Overview
  • NEI 15 - 01, An Analytical Approach for Establishing DVR Settings
  • Comparison to Existing Plant Methodologies
  • NRC CDBI Electrical Issues Operating Experience
  • Browns Ferry ETAP Model Review
  • Open Phase Analysis at Catawba Nuclear Station
  • Motor Performance Under Unbalanced Voltage Conditions
  • ETAP Education Sessions
    • Cable Ampacity Standards and Thermal Analysis
    • Short Circuit and Arc-Flash Result Analyzers
  • Watts Bar – The Next Generation
  • ETAP Future Enhancements

A special thanks to our presenters for their major contributions and dedication to the success of the NUUG Conference

ETAP NUUG 2016 Agenda

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