Nuclear Utility User Group

12th Annual NUUG - June 19-22, 2012

The 12th anniversary gathering of the ETAP Nuclear Utility User Group (NUUG) took place June 19-22, 2012 in Irvine, CA, where 57 members from 29 companies and 17 plant's shared presentations on their use of ETAP software on a variety of projects, and on models of future nuclear plants.

The Agenda was as follows:

  • ETAP 12 Release
  • Plant Model Review
  • Open-Phase Issues & Analyses
  • AC Coordination
  • Thermal Overload Sizing
  • Power System Analysis Program
  • Project Merge & License Checkout
  • DC Systems Analysis
  • Dynamic Paramter Estimation & Tuning
  • 3-phase vs. 1-phase
  • AC Analysis
  • Protective Device Analysis
  • Arc Flash

ETAP NUUG 2012 Agenda.

A special thanks to our presenters for their major contributions and dedication to the success of the NUUG conference and symposium.

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