Nuclear Utility User Group

7th Annual NUUG - June 19-21, 2007

With the addition of new attendees every year, this year's event hosted 35 representatives from 20 nuclear facilities worldwide. All attendees received certificates of participation and ETAP jackets.

Nine nuclear users presented an array of topics sharing experiences and diverse methods of using ETAP to manage, operate, analyze, and optimize nuclear utility facilities. ETAP senior engineers also presented valuable information regarding what's new in ETAP and how to get the most out of their ETAP modules.

This year's recipients of the "Jerry Nicely Big Daddy" Award was presented to Tom Moffitt and Tom Lillehei in appreciation for their contributions to the ETAP Nuclear Utility User Group. Oliver Strempel received the "Traveled the Farthest Distance" Award for traveling the most miles to attend the conference.

The Agenda was as follows:

  • ETAP Enhancements
  • Load Flow Analysis
  • Transient Stability Analysis
  • Project Wizard/Data Revision
  • Diesel Generator Analysis
  • Offsite/Grid Analysis
  • Device Coordination - Star
  • ETAP Installation & Short Circuit Analysis
  • Load Flow Analysis
  • Quality Assurance
  • ETAP Future Enhancements
Download the full agenda here

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