Nuclear Utility User Group

4th Annual NUUG - June 23-24, 2004

The 4th annual ETAP NUUC agenda was packed with informational demonstrations and discussion topics, including ETAP 5.0 features and capabilities, wizards, database reporting, global tolerances, arc flash, revision control, libraries, source operating categories, MS alerts, control system analyses, single-phase analyses, Star and project management features. Presentation topics included Static vs. Dynamic Analysis and DC Calculations at Nuclear Facility. Speakers included ETAP Users sharing their experiences utilizing ETAP at their facilities. An informative roundtable session concluded the conference. The event hosted 18 users from 12 companies.

The Agenda was as follows:
  • ETAP Enhancements
  • Motor Acceleration
  • Transient Stability
  • DC Systems Analysis
  • Device Coordination - Star
  • Arc Flash
  • Quality Assurance
  • ETAP Future Enhancements

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