Motor Starting Analysis

Motor Starting Software - Libraries & Modeling

ETAP Motor Starting Analysis software utilizes comprehensive libraries and detailed modeling of induction and synchronous motors for dynamic motor starting simulation and motor acceleration.

Dynamic Motor & Load Models

  • Double-cage (dependent circuit)
  • Double-cage (independent circuit)
  • Single-cage (without deep-bar)
  • Single-cage (deep-bar)
  • Characteristic motor model
  • Polynomial & characteristic load models

Motor & Load Libraries

  • Motor nameplate
  • Motor circuit model
  • Motor characteristic
  • Curved based load model
  • Equation based load model
Dynamic Motor & Load Models

Realistic Operation: Simulate Motor Load and Generation Transitioning

Comprehensive Dynamic Modeling

  • Induction / synchronous motor dynamic models
  • Motor torque slip curve
  • Typical & user-defined load models
  • Global or individual LTC time delays
  • Transformer phase shift
  • Simulate motor starting devicesincluding conventional reduced voltage starters and soft starters
  • Simulate dynamic motor starting using variable frequency drive
  • Conventional motor starting devicesinclude auto-transformer, capacitor, rotor / stator R or X, Y/Δ, partial winding, etc.
  • Motor soft starter simulation including voltage, current, and torque controlled starters
  • Five levels of automatic error checking
  • No voltage or system connection limitations

Dynamic Modeling: Complete Modeling of Machines and Connected Load