Licensing Options

License Configuration


Use on an individual computer, at one specified location.

Concurrent User Network LAN

Use at a single site via Local Area Network (LAN).

Concurrent User Network Regional WAN

Use at multiple sites within one country via Wide Area Network (WAN).

Concurrent User Network WAN

Use at multiple sites worldwide via WAN.

License Borrowing

The ETAP License Manager (LM) has been enhanced to include the capabilities of License Borrowing, also known as “Checkout” licensing.

The ETAP License Manager now allows the user to borrow or check out a license from a multi-user host network key for an user-specified amount of time. During the time the license is borrowed, the checked-out license is removed from the pool of available licenses in the network and can be used on the target computer as a Stand-alone keyless seat. Remaining licenses on the host network key may continue to be used via the company network. After the checkout period expires, that seat is automatically returned to the host network key and is again available for check-out or network use.

  • License borrowing option can be set up through the LM Configuration Utility.
  • Borrowed license can independently run with the computer disconnected from the network until the borrowing period expires.
  • Borrowed duration is determined per user account.
  • When the borrowing period expires, the borrowed license is automatically returned to the host network key.
  • LM tracks and keeps count of remaining / available licenses for checkout and network use.
  • Borrowed license duration is configured from 1 day up to 120 days.
  • License Borrowing is a standard feature included in the Base Package; any multi-user network license qualifies.
The addition of License Borrowing to the ETAP License Manager increases the flexibility to manage available licenses to companies that have multi-user network licenses. This feature is especially beneficial for companies that handle on-site projects worldwide.

Contact for more information on License Borrowing.