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SoCal User Group Meeting, October 2017

The SoCal User Group met at the office of Mangan Inc. in Long Beach, October 17.

The meeting started with a social get-together, giving users the opportunity to share their practical experiences with ETAP, interact and network with other ETAP users.

This evening's presentation focused on Cable thermal analysis calculations in duct banks & direct buried raceways.

Cable manufacturers typically publish cable ampacity values at very specific conditions that rarely match actual installation parameters. The Cable Thermal Analysis Module can determine the operating temperature of cable conductors in a raceway system under steady state or transient conditions. The calculation is based on the NEC accepted Neher-McGrath approach or IEC 60287 Method.

The presentation demonstrated how ETAP Cable Thermal Analysis helps engineers design cable systems to operate to their maximum potential, while providing a secure and reliable operation.

The User Group Meeting concluded with an open discussion.

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