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Houston User Group Meeting, June 2017

The Houston User Group met June 6 to network, learn & share experiences about ETAP Predictive Simulation Modeling Using System Operating Data.

Victor Andrade - Principal Power Engineer & Carlos Tlalpan - Senior Automation & Controls Engineer at ETAP provided an overview of the many benefits of predictive simulation modeling using ETAP and how to use operating and archived plant data to predict system behavior.

System modeling combined with measurements data are essential to the design validation and operational effectiveness of any new or existing power system.  

Power system predictive simulation using ETAP is the first step to validate the designed model and provide functionality to perform “what if” scenarios to forecast outcomes of actions. Plant Engineers and Operators can use the same ETAP design model to perform predictive simulations using actual operating data as the initial baseline. 

An open discussion followed the presentation, giving users the opportunity to share case studies and exchange practical knowledge with other ETAP Users.

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