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Qatar User Conference and Seminar, September 2018

ETAP MENA invited the Electrical Engineering Community to join their 101 Technical Seminar & User Conference in Doha, Qatar on September 16th. The session gave attendees the opportunity to network and expand their knowledge about the latest innovations in ETAP software development. 

The event opened with a company presentation, followed by a keynote from Mr. Shaikh Sahid Hossain, Vice President & Global Director, ETAP MENA. Mr. Shaikh continued the seminar, providing insight into the latest developments by ETAP in 2018, demonstrating the key highlights of various ETAP products & solutions. This session was followed by a walk-through of ETAP’s latest, game-changing power system software, version ETAP 18, given by ETAP’s Regional Director for MENA region, Mr. Giridhary Kutty. More details on ETAP 18 Series:

The conference and seminar continued with exciting sessions on ETAP Real-Time™, eTrax™ (ETAP’s solution for power systems for railway industry), etap iCE™ (ETAP’s intelligent hardware), and usage of ETAP software for the aviation industry. 

Attendees were very much delighted when etapAPP™ (ETAP’s tablet application) for field data collection was demonstrated.

The event ended on a high note with attendees excited to know more about ETAP 18, ETAP RT, eTraX and etapAPP. Closing remarks were given by Mr. Shaikh thanking the attendees for their participation and inviting them to next year’s event.

Key takeaways of the event:

  • Learning about the unique capabilities of ETAP 18
  • Understanding ETAP Real Time and its benefits
  • Use of eTraX in the railway industry
  • Introduction of ETAP iCE and etapAPP

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