ETAP Celebrating 30 years

Three decades of continuous success and innovation as the leader in electrical power system analysis & operation software

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Irvine, Calif. - March 1, 2016 - ETAP® is celebrating its 30th anniversary as the world’s leading developer of power system software for modeling, design, analysis, optimization, control, and automation. From innovations in power system analysis software to pioneering model-driven real-time predictive simulation and intelligent load shedding systems, ETAP continues to help the industry push the boundaries in technology innovation and application.

Incorporated in 1986, Operation Technology, Inc. (dba ETAP) released the first version of its software. This milestone was soon followed by many major achievements: Nuclear qualification and ISO 9001 certification, Faster than Real-Time solutions, Intelligent Load Shedding System (ILS™), Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS – ETAP Grid™), Automated Protection & Coordination (Star Auto™), Train Power Simulation software (eTrax™), and other major software releases for generation, transmission, distribution, industrial, transportation, and low-voltage power systems.

Today, ETAP provides its global customers with integrated enterprise power system software solutions that enable engineers, operators, and managers to conduct and optimize critical areas of their organizations.

“We are very proud of the Company that ETAP has become, and the people – whether they are employees, partners, or customers – who make it all possible.” said Farrokh Shokooh, President and CEO of ETAP. “Together, we are changing the electrical power industry… and that industry is changing the world. We are passionate to continue to innovate state-of-the-art technologies in the next decade and beyond.”

About ETAP

ETAP is the global market and technology leader in modeling, design, analysis, optimization, monitoring, control, and automation software for electrical power systems. The company has been powering success for 30 years by providing the most comprehensive and widely-used enterprise solutions for generation, transmission, distribution, industrial, transportation, and low-voltage power systems. Founded in 1986, ETAP is headquartered in Irvine, California, USA, with over 70 offices around the world.

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