ETAP joins forces with ALPI, IGE+XAO, and BIM Electric to become the leader in electrical software solutions

ALPI, IGE+XAO, and BIM Electric join ETAP, establishing ETAP as the world’s leading electrical design and operations digital twin platform for infrastructure, building and industry. Combinations strengthen ETAP’s capacity to support digitalization and sustainability efforts across the lifecycle.

Irvine, California – April 6, 2023 ETAP, the global leader in energy management and engineering solutions, announced today that it has joined forces with IGE+XAO, a renowned electrical engineering software with complete and integrated solutions for the creation, maintenance, and calculation of electrical installation projects, ALPI, a European leader in the automated calculation, sizing, and design software for electrical installations, and BIM Electric, enabling electrical engineers and designers with an advanced BIM-based electrical design solution, Advanced Electrical Design™ to Autodesk® Revit®. The combined venture will provide innovative software solutions for electrical systems across the lifecycle, from design and engineering to operations and maintenance, empowering users to increase productivity, collaboration, and efficiency, and enabling their energy transition journey.

ETAP joins forces with ALPI and IGE+XAOThe combination of IGE+XAO, ALPI, and BIM Electric with ETAP marks a significant collaboration between the four companies. By expanding its software portfolio to include SEE Electrical software suite, Caneco ONE, and Advanced Electrical Design for Revit, ETAP remains at the forefront of the market as the leading independent software provider offering electrical design and operations digital twin platform solutions for infrastructure, buildings, industry, and utilities.

By leveraging SEE Electrical suite, Caneco ONE, and Advanced Electrical Design for Revit, ETAP reinforces its portfolio and establishes itself as the leading sustainable electrical design, simulation, engineering, and operations enterprise solution provider,” said Tanuj Khandelwal, Chief Executive Officer of ETAP. “In a market driven by the need for more digitization and sustainability, we are uniquely positioned to build on the right integration of technologies, amplify digital transformation, and accelerate opportunities while delivering the highest quality of experience, trust, and compliance, to ensure success for our broader audience and global customer base.”

Leveraging next-generation technology to ensure universal accessibility for designers, engineers, and operators, ETAP’s enriched, integrated electrical digital twin platform will provide a seamless customer experience and empowers users to accelerate digital transformation at all stages of the lifecycle. The newly added support of ALPI, IGE+XAO, and BIM Electric will further strengthen our product and service offering enabling us to power ahead. ETAP will continue to operate as an independent software company and deliver value as a vendor-agnostic solutions provider.

About ETAP

ETAP provides market-leading software solutions for electrical systems, from design and engineering to operations and maintenance. Through its integrated electrical digital twin platform, ETAP delivers best-in-class, seamless customer experience and cloud-leveraging technologies ensuring universal accessibility for designers, engineers, and operators accelerating their digital energy transformation, even in the highest regulated environments. Over 20,000 enterprises globally rely on ETAP to unlock total efficiency and sustainability at all stages of the lifecycle for infrastructure, building, industry, and utilities. Driven by excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction for over 35 years, ETAP’s deep expertise is supported by the dedication of more than 1,000 employees and a strong community of active users. ETAP is headquartered in Irvine, California, with regional operations around the globe to support our local customers.  

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About the IGE+XAO Group  

For over 35 years, the IGE+XAO Group has been a software publisher designing, producing, selling, and supporting a range of Computer Aided Design (CAD), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), and Simulation software dedicated to Electrical Engineering. These software products have been designed to help companies design and maintain the electrical part of any type of installation. This CAD/PLM/Simulation type is called "Electrical CAD/PLM/Simulation". IGE+XAO employs more than 370 people around the world in 30 sites and 20 countries and has more than 100,000 licenses distributed around the world. IGE+XAO is a reference in its field.  

About ALPI 

ALPI (Applications Logiciels Pour l’Ingénierie), is a European leader in automated calculation software for electrical installations for the industrial and commercial markets. Backed by more than 30 years of experience in LV & HV distribution systems, our unique expertise lies in our comprehensive knowledge of the standards applicable to electrical installations. ALPI also enjoys privileged relationships with the major players in the marketplace: equipment manufacturers, control authorities, electrical contractors, and software publishers. ALPI supports its customers with additional services which include training courses, technical support, and electrical engineering services. Today, ALPI actively participates in the building transition to BIM (Building Information Modeling).

About BIM Electric

BIM Electrical Corp. (“BIM Electric,” a subsidiary of Schneider Electric) was established through a strategic alliance partnership between Autodesk and Schneider Electric. As a global leader in energy management for over a century, Schneider Electric provides efficient, sustainable digital solutions for energy and automation. We combine world-leading energy technologies, real-time automation, software, and services into integrated solutions for homes, buildings, data centers, infrastructure, and industries. Autodesk has long been a champion of sustainable building design and construction, providing robust BIM solutions that include tools for rapid and meaningful energy analysis. We are paving the way for intelligent advanced code-based electrical distribution design and analysis. Together Autodesk and Schneider Electric, through BIM Electric, are driving long-term digital transformation solutions in the industry, providing greater value for your company and customers in the new energy landscape, Electricity 4.0.