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What's New in ETAP


ETAP 14.1 Release
ETAP 14.1 is the latest upgrade to the 14 series and includes important enhancements based on the industry’s latest demands such as multi-language output reports and arc flash labels. 

ETAP 14.1 Release Updates

  • New Protective Device Settings Reports in MS Excel and Crystal Report
  • Enhanced Arc Flash Analyzer
  • Enhanced Short Circuit Analyzer
  • Thermal Withstand Duty Evaluation for IEC Standard
  • Amendment to British Standard - BS 7671: 2008-A3
  • Updated IEC 60364-5-52 LV cable sizing standard
  • Updated Library Data
  • Enhanced U/G Raceway Systems Alignment Tools
  • Enhanced Harmonics Alert View
  • Revised Protective Device library models
  • License Manager Installation enhancements
  • Enhanced Conversion from SKM® and EasyPower® to ETAP

Multi-Language Output Reports &
Arc Flash Labels

English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, Korean & German

New: French & Italian

ETAP Real-Time

  • Multistate element colors & symbols
  • General Measurements Alarming
  • Enhanced Quick Navigation & Toolbar layout
  • Transformer Tap Control
  • IEC 61850 - Support up to 125 devices per data collection concentrator
  • CSV Driver Communications
  • Electrical & Non-Electrical Control Commands
  • Real-Time Continuity Coloring
  • ILS - Load Shedding Sequence-of-Events Recording

Customizable Reports

  • ETAP SCADA & Web Report Viewer
  • Automatic Report Scheduler
  • Custom Report Designer
  • Real-Time & Historical Data Access

AGC Enhancements

  • Generator Maintenance Warning & Alarms
  • Fuel Level Monitoring
  • Forbidden Operational Areas
ETAP 14.0.0 Release
The ETAP Research & Development Team is pleased to announce the release of
ETAP 14 Release Software.

ETAP 14 takes advantage of new 64-bit architecture, graphical foundations & numerous productivity tools to deliver unmatched speed, intelligence and reliability and increase productivity by at least 50 percent.

Download the ETAP 14
New Features & Capabilities Guide
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ETAP 14 offers powerful rule-books, result analyzers, and automated evaluation tools to reduce engineering time, enforce standards, ensure design integrity, and optimize system operation.

Gain a competitive edge and accelerate system design and analysis with ETAP 14. 


ETAP 12.6.5 Release
The ETAP Development Team is pleased to provide you with the ETAP 12.6.5 release. ETAP 12.6.5 is a point release to 12.6.

Included in this latest release are enhancements to the Checker access-level action for Revision data, cable temperature calculations for 1/C cables with random arrangements in underground duct banks, and library data.

ETAP 12.6.5 is now available for download via ETAP Help Desk. This is a complete installation which does not require an earlier installation of ETAP.



ETAP 12.6 Release
ETAP 12.6.0 is the latest upgrade to the ETAP 12 series and includes important updates based on the industry’s latest demands.

Among the many enhancements of this release is the addition of double Open-Phase Faults Analysis (OPFA) to the Unbalance Load Flow module. The addition of the OPFA feature is in response to the requirements for the nuclear power industry to conduct single and double open-phase fault studies which improves plant safety and reliability.
ETAP 12.6
New Enhancements & Features
  • Unbalanced Load Flow Module
  • Single & Double Open-Phase Fault Analysis
  • New Display Options for the One-Line Diagram
  • Updated Exciter & Governor Models
  • Enhancements to Network Analysis Modules
  • Engineering & Protective Device Libraries
  • Microsoft Windows 8.1 Compatibility

ETAP 12.6 is offered in two new localized language versions: Portuguese and Korean.

Multi-Language Edition
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Russian
  • Portuguese   NEW
  • Korean   NEW
  • German (output reports)

ETAP 12.6

Download the ETAP 12.6
New Features Guide.
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ETAP 12.5 Release

ETAP 12.5 release is the latest upgrade of the market-leading electrical power system design and operation software. The new analysis features and enhanced capabilities effectively enable optimized design, increasing safety, quality, and productivity.

ETAP Faster Than Real-Time™ solution provides for better decision making, improved operations management, cost saving, and compliancy.

ETAP 12.5

Download the ETAP 12.5
New Features Guide.
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ETAP 12.5

To view some of the new features and capabilities
of ETAP 12.5 please click the image above.


ETAP 12 Release
Download Demo

The ETAP 12.0 is a complete program and does not require any previous ETAP installation. This point release is the latest in the ETAP 12 series and includes important updates based on the industry’s latest demands. ETAP continues to expand and enhance its capabilities based on the requirements of the industry.

In ETAP 12.0, the Unbalanced Load Flow module was enhanced to simulate double open-phase faults. This enhancement is in response to the requirements for the nuclear generation plants to conduct single and double open-phase fault studies for their off-site power supplies.

New Features & Capabilities

For a complete listing of upgrades to the new release, download the
ETAP 12.0 New Features brochure.



ETAP 11.1.1 Release
ETAP 11.1.1 release is the latest in the ETAP 11 series and includes an important update to the earlier 11.1.0 release.

The ETAP 11.1.1 release augments the key features of ETAP 11 with a new DC Arc Flash module, new libraries, built-in data conversion from other power system analysis software, multi language edition support and other enhancements.

New Features & Capabilities

  • DC Arc Flash Analysis Module
  • Conversion tool from Dapper® PTW32 versions 6.0 & 6.5
  • Import from PSS®E version 29 & 30
  • Updated cable library based on NEC® 2008
  • New cable library based on British Standard
  • New protective device library
  • Multi Language Edition

ETAP DC Arc Flash can be used to calculate the incident energy and determine the arc flash hazard levels for different types of direct current systems including mission critical facilities, solar generation sites, substation battery banks and nuclear plants. This module is compliant with NFPA 70E 2012 DC Arc Flash Analysis.

This point release is also offered in several languages including:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • Russian


Sample Screenshots of ETAP 11.1.1

ETAP DC Arc Flash One Line Diagram
ETAP DC Arc Flash
click for larger image
ETAP DC Arc Flash Labels
ETAP DC Arc Flash Labels
click for larger image
ETAP 11 Release
ETAP 11.0 is the newest release of our power system engineering software.

ETAP users are able to innovate, manage and deliver state-of-the art power analytical and engineering applications to increase productivity and reliability, and provide for safe and clean operations.

This latest release includes many new key features, several new analysis modules, new elements and libraries, and significant enhancements to existing analysis modules.

New Features & Capabilities
For a complete listing of upgrades to the new release, download the ETAP 11.0 New Features brochure.


Sample Screenshots of ETAP 11

ETAP Project Merge
ETAP Project Merge
click for larger image
ETAP Data Manager
ETAP Data Manager
click for larger image
UDM Logic Editor
UDM Logic Editor
click for larger image
Photovoltaic Array Editor
Photovoltaic Array Editor
click for larger image

Protective Conductor Sizing
Protective Conductor Sizing
click for larger image
ETAP 7.5.x Release
ETAP 7.5.x offers multiple language support and updated ETAP device libraries.

ETAP 7.5.x is completely localized in four languages plus translated output reports in six languages:
Chinese Interface
Chinese Interface
click for larger image
Spanish Interface
Spanish Interface
click for larger image
Japanese Interface
Japanese Interface
click for larger image
German Output Report
German Output Report
click for larger image
Portuguese Output Report
Portuguese Output Report
click for larger image
ETAP customers with active maintenance contracts can also download output report language formats for free and utilize them with their existing ETAP 7.1 installation.
ETAP 7.1.0 Release
Below are the features released in ETAP 7.1 along with the highlights of ETAP 7.0.
What's New in ETAP | ETAP

During the installation of ETAP 7.1, you will view slides summarizing the new features included in the 7.1 release along with the new features that were included in the major release of ETAP 7.0.

These slides are available online in English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, French, German, and Portuguese.

  What's New in ETAP | ETAP 7.1 & 7.0 New Features | ETAP
ETAP 7.0 Release

Release 7.0 provides the platform upon which future ETAP innovation will follow.

This release has powerful analysis modules and time-saving capabilities to the ETAP suite.

  • Templates
  • One-Line Diagram
    - Auto-Select
    - Keyboard Shortcuts
    - Symbol library
  • Load Analyzer
  • Single-Phase Arc Flash
  • Arc Flash Analyzer
  • Switching Management
  • Libraries
  • Modules (Enhanced)
    - Base Package
    - Load Flow Analysis
    - Arc Flash Analysis
    - Transient Stability
    - Harmonic Analysis
    - Device Coordination / Selectivity
    - Sequence-of-Operation
    - Data Exchange
  • ETAP Real-Time (Enhanced)
    - Real-Time Server
    - Advanced Monitoring
    - Predictive Simulation
    - Automatic Generation Control
    - Energy Accounting
    - Load Forecasting
    - Intelligent Load Shedding