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ETAP Intelligent Data Center & Mission Critical Facility Solution

Intelligent Mission-critical Facility Management Begins with Digital Transformation

ETAP Top 10 Data Center Solution ProviderDatacenter design and operations must allow for safety, reliability, efficiency, compliance, and sustainability throughout the life-cycle from design, commissioning to operations. Strengthen your organization with ETAP digital transformation solutions which increase design efficiency and provide deep operational insight for decision-makers, converting your data center power infrastructure from traditional to cutting-edge.

ETAP Solutions Serve the Entire Data Center Industry

Data Center MIssion Critical

ETAP is utilized in mission critical facilities as an integrated electrical power system design and digital twin driven electrical control & power management system (EPMS) from design to operations.

  • Cloud Data Centers
  • Network Operations
  • Enterprise Managed Services
  • Telecom Centers
  • Co-Locations

Accelerating Energy Transformation from Design to Operate on a Unified Electrical Digital Twin

Multi-Platform & Non-Unified Lifecycle leads to negative impact in terms of errors & omissions, rework, lost time, and increased costs from design to commissioning and operations.

Design to operation plan

ETAP Multi-Dimensional Foundation unifies design engineering and real-time applications enabling digitization of power systems at every stage of the electrical installation life cycle, from design and build to commission, operate, and maintain. ETAP enables efficient design, analysis, management, operations, and a complete digital transformation of projects, while adapting to evolving system changes, accelerating productivity, and increasing efficiency while lowering total cost of ownership (TCO).

Multi-dimensional Digital Twin Platform

Challenges, Trends & Solution

An innovative design alone does not ensure a well-built data center that will remain efficient and reliable throughout its life cycle. For each phase, proper care and action are required to meet the mission-critical facility's business needs continuously.


Faster Planning & Modeling


Accurate Design & Analyses


Confident Build & Commissioning


Intelligent Management & Operations


Connected Assessment & Maintainenace


Informed Transformation & Growth


Adapt Renewables & Decarbonize


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Faster Planning & Modeling for Data Center

Strong incentives exist to faster plan, build, and commission data centers. However, the common reality of tighter budgets, understaffing, uncertain and dynamic IT load, and an obsessive need for high availability makes it difficult to do this optimally. Planning mistakes & sequential tasks can magnify and propagate through later deployment phases, resulting in delays, cost overruns, wasted time, and ultimately a compromised system.



  • Create and reuse reference designs and scale them quickly.
  • Leverage electrical system design data from pre-bid and ongoing construction data to ensure "as intended" and "as constructed" changes are synchronized.
  • Make sure to leverage data center expertise within an organization and collaborate with the entire team on the same electrical model.
  • Ensure to include multiple disciplines, including electrical, thermal, mechanical, and electromagnetic, in the same software and foster data unification?


Design a Data Center with ETAP that is fast to build and deploy

Efficient & Predictable Design

  • Template

    Templates allow for the utilization of reference, making designs data center design more efficient and predictable.

  • Auto-layout

    Connectivity Check with company-wide Rules & Auto-layout saves time & eliminates the guesswork.

BIM Interface

  • etap-revit

    ETAP-Revit bi-directional data exchange simplifies the electrical design process by utilizing the Autodesk Revit® model.

  • excad

    eXCAD™ Interface simplifies the way you design and analyze electrical systems by utilizing the blocks and attributes included in the AutoCAD® drawing.

Data Collection & Collaboration

  • excad

    Simplify data collection with etapAPP™

  • Network

    Network Project Management (NetPM™) provides a platform for collaborative engineering, using intelligent tools to shorten power system modeling and studies from months to mere weeks.

  • Digital-twin

    Connecting the ETAP Electrical Digital Twin platform to a larger ecosystem of complementary and collaborative solutions, we can enable a transformative role for customers to design, operate, and connect on a multi-disciplinary scale.


Accurate Design & Analyses for Data Center

Asset criticality, capacity, and growth plan must be considered when designing a data center. Multiple operating conditions have to be created, analyzed, stored and recalled for optimizing equipment dimensioning and evaluating network resiliency and safety, based on country-specific codes & standards.



  • Maximize critical power distribution utilization without overloading the circuits or jeopardizing the intended redundancy design?
  • Verify that breaker trip settings are correct and adequately coordinated as per the power system design and avoid a cascading failure.
  • Protect operational staff from injury by determining the proper PPE level and identifying gaps in the protection systems.
  • Calculate & verify the system uptime.
  • Protect equipment from overvoltage and overheating due to harmonics generated from UPS, SMPS, ASD, etc.?


Analyze a Data Center with ETAP accurately leveraging a full-fidelity model

Sizing & Dimensioning

  • Dimensioning of equipment & cables

    Dimensioning of equipment & cables using multiple codes and standards, including voltage drop, fault current, harmonics, motor starting, and other operating conditions.

  • Cable Thermal

    Integrate Cable Thermal, Cable Pulling & Cable EMC in the same electrical system model eliminating the need to maintain multiple software and data models.

Simulation Result Analyzers

  • Multi-Dimensional Database

    Unified with Multi-Dimensional Database enabling user-friendly visualization and management of design, and revisions or changes.

  • Multi-Result Analyzers

    Multi-Result Analyzers, Plot analyzers, Data Managers & Protective Device Settings Reports allow comparing "As designed" and "As revised conditions." 

Redundancy & Availability

  • UPS configuration

    Analyze parallel UPS configs with Load Flow & Short Circuit, Protection & Selectivity, & Arc Flash.

  • Power Quality & Harmonic

    Ensure Power Quality & Harmonic compatibility and selection with correct harmonic mitigation techniques & harmonic filter sizing.

  • Contingency analysis

    Use Contingency Analysis and Reliability Assessment to determine redundancy performance, for MTBF, MTTR & COI.


Confident Build & Commissioning for Data Center

No matter how experienced an operator or a commissioning engineer is, a new site or design can constantly challenge them with abnormal situations not considered during the electrical power system design & analysis. Changes in and commissioning sequence can get them into a position where it becomes imperative to validate an action before commissioning or operating the system.



  • Ensure that new changes do not introduce unwanted behavior.
  • Simulate procedures, outage scenarios & test adequacy of remedial actions before establishing procedures for operators?
  • Reuse data captured during the actual data center commissioning process.
  • Train operators to execute the impact of pre-defined & ad-hoc switching plans to successfully exit emergency or unforeseen operating conditions?


Commission & Handover a Data Center with ETAP Risk Aware Validation & OTS


  • Software-in-the-Loop

    Test Network Operations Center start-up and emergency procedures with or without eSCADA connection using ETAP Software-in-the-Loop Dynamic Simulation.

Operator Training Simulator

  • eOTS

    eOTS promotes continuous operator training enabling them to leverage engineering tools, gain insight into the performance signature of the data center as it transitions to full-scale operations, and validate new control strategies.

Protection & Asset Management

  • eProtect

    eProtect centralized protection and asset management system ensures protective device settings are transcribed to the field devices correctly and made available to all resources responsible for the safe & successful commissioning of the data center.


Intelligent Management & Operations for Data Center

The number one cause of data center failure is human error. With so much at stake for Data Center owners/operators and their tenants, making the right decisions quickly and confidently is imperative.


data center outages are power-related


avg. outage costs resulting in $140K to $540K / hour loss


experienced a downtime incident over a 12 month period


reported at least one outage over a 3 year period
* based on 2018 Survey by Uptime Institute



  • Validate the design model and ensure the 'digital design twin' transforms into the 'digital operations twin' for current and future decision-making.
  • Bring risk awareness into my operations and prevent erroneous actions that may cause a cascading trip or increase demand-cost?
  • Quickly analyze an unforeseen event and understand whether the operator or the automatic system protection responded as intended.
  • Determine the loading requirements for non-metered devices and manage the demand at each Power Distribution Unit (PDU?)


Bring Situational Awareness to the Data Center with ETAP Predictive Analysis

Intelligent & Reliable Power Management


    ETAP eSCADA & ETAP PSMS transforms a Data Center EMCS into an intelligent and reliable power management solution for operators, dispatchers, engineers, and decision-makers with crucial metrics including DCIE, PUE, etc.

  • Continuously leverage

    Continuously leverage existing measurements and extrapolate pseudo-measurements to gain complete system visibility using ETAP State & Load Estimation.

"What if"
Predictive Analysis

  • Engineers & operators

    Engineers & operators can run any "What if" scenario using ETAP Predictive Analysis based on real-time operating conditions, be notified of the risk, and enhance their decision-making.

  • Automated Fault Analysis System

    Utilize Automated Fault Analysis System for faster analysis response to interruption incidents, enabling you to identify the fault type and its location and compare the sequence of operation with the "as designed" system.

Event Playback

  • Event Playback

    Effective post-mortem & Event Playback capabilities allow you to replay the events, understand system & operator actions, and explore alternative measures.


Connected Assessment & Maintenance for Data Center

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure—or in this case, millions of dollars. Apart from the immediate financial costs, the impact of reduced productivity, lost opportunities, brand damage, and potential data loss can impose lasting trickle-down effects that may affect a business for years to come. Data centers can leverage their digital twin model to identify and avert potential failure points, saving both themselves and their customers time and money. 



  • Prevent unexpected failures in underground cables, etc.
  • Anticipate failures, predict the remaining lifetime, and accurately schedule preventive maintenance to prolong hardware life.
  • Identify cascading impacts of an impending failure.
  • Ensure that I am meeting grid compliance in terms of power quality.
  • Lower energy bills, avoid penalties, and continually harvest power savings.


Bring Situational Intelligence to the Data Center with ETAP eSI

Situational Intelligence

  • Situational Intelligence

    Situational Intelligence (eSI) allows for continuous assessment of various contingencies in the network, providing insight into the redundancy & reliability status of the system in real-time. 

Harmonic Power Quality

  • Monitor harmonic

    Monitor harmonic power quality, draw baseline from 'as designed' vs. 'as expected' vs. 'as operating,' and evaluate harmonic mitigation performance using ETAP PQMS.

Real-Time Reliability Assessment

  • ETAP Real-Time

    ETAP Real-Time Reliability Assessment helps analyze alarms and root causes and take meaningful actions based on a probabilistic failure model.


Informed Transformation & Growth for Data Center

Typical data centers are designed with a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years. However, most IT equipment refresh cycles are 2 to 5 years. Datacenter operators need to scale critical infrastructure (power and cooling) and space to accommodate explosive growth in computing power and storage. Critical power needs to be deployed modularly within an operating data center while it remains fully operational and reliable.



  • Utilize real-time data to analyze the impact of load growth & system changes
  • Select & test between various equipment
  • Identify cascading impacts of an impending failure
  • Maximize my current facilities to meet demands?


Leverage ETAP Digital Twin for Design & Operations

Model Validation

  • ETAP Electrical Digital Twin

    ETAP Electrical Digital Twin may be expanded while you continue to operate the electrical network and test the impact of changing single or multiple pieces of equipment. 

System Visibility

  • Utilize ETAP Revisions

    Utilize ETAP Revisions combined with Real-Time or Archived Data to rerun the original set of scenarios or add new scenarios to the existing list to evaluate and assess during design & operations.

Energy Efficiency

  • Energy Accounting

    Compare as-configured maximum potential demand vs. current actual demand, as configured potential supply and actual current supply including Energy Demand, using Energy Accounting for Energy Demand & Tenant Billing.

  • Directly use real-time data

    Directly use real-time data to evaluate the impact of adding servers on various PDUs while factoring multiple system-level capacities - active, idle, stranded, spare, and safety margins (off-limits).


Adapt Renewables & Decarbonize for Data Center

Sustainability is becoming a vital issue for data center operators. Investors, customers, and legislators are increasingly demanding carbon emissions reporting and 100% renewable energy use. Purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) or Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) is a reasonable first step in a sustainability strategy towards Carbon Neutral, yet is insufficient on its own. While a virtual PPA may make a new renewable farm possible, if the farm and the data center operations are not on the same grid, it does not address carbon emissions from those operations. Data centers must move to Net Zero and deploy renewable sources of energy on the local grid, so that the data center will consume renewables at all times.



  • Design & operate my data center to be Net Zero with local renewables
  • Participate in energy arbitrage leveraging energy storage & onsite generation?
  • Correctly understand the combined impact of mixed unbalanced AC & DC systems and renewable energy assets on a time-domain basis.
  • Simulate and manage microgrid controls from design into operations and derisk the project.


Leverage ETAP Renewable Energy Modeling & Microgrid Control from Design to Operation

Net Zero

  • Leverage renewable energy

    Leverage renewable energy modeling including; solar, wind, energy storage & var control devices from design to operations using ETAP Time Domain Unified AC & DC Power Flow.


  • microgrid

    ETAP Microgrid Control offers an integrated model-driven solution to design, simulate, optimize, test, and control microgrids with the inherent capability to fine-tune operations logic, during the design phase for maximum system resiliency and energy efficiency.

Energy Arbitrage

  • ETAP Load and Generation Forecasting

    Leverage ETAP Load and Generation Forecasting to predict data center load demand and generation availability to participate in energy arbitrage.



ETAP Solution Summary

ETAP provides a comprehensive digital twin based solution from Design to Operations. ETAP integrated single platform solution allows for a data center facility power system within the safety and regulatory compliances. Further, it leverages the design knowledge with operations data to drive continuous risk assessment, situational intelligence, and remedial actions.

Planning & Design

  • Network Analysis

    Network Analysis includes modules such as Short Circuit, Load Flow, Arc Flash, Motor Starting and more.

  • Protective Device Coordination

    Integrated Protective Device Coordination software

  • Low Voltage Cable Calculation

    A complete solution for your cable system needs

  • Data Exchange icon

    Data exchange interfaces and power system model conversion tools to import and export via different formats.

  • Electrican with PPE equipment and Arc Flash Labels, one-line diagram with printed results, and TCC curves

    Arc Flash software identifies and analyzes high risk arc flash areas in AC systems.

  • dc-arc-flash-software

    DC Arc Flash module calculates the incident energy for direct current networks.

  • NetPM

    Save hundreds of work-hours by this efficient new multi-user platform for project execution and management.

Operations & Maintenance

  • eSCADA

    Distribute SCADA technologies with intuitive real-time visualization and analyses platform - eSCADA™

  • Power System Monitoring & Simulation

    Power monitoring system and analytical tools to predict system response.

  • Microgrid Controller

    Integrated software solution to monitor, predict and manage diverse power sources and multiple operating conditions.

  • ils-conroller

    ETAP iLS dynamically and instantaneously determines the best load shedding priority.

  • eProtect

    Communicates with relays and ETAP Protection & Coordination modules to manage location, information & settings over the entire relays & electrical assets' lifecycle.

  • eots-banner

    This cloud-based application communicates with relays and ETAP Protection & Coordination modules to manage settings over the entire relays & electrical assets lifecycle.



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