Advanced Distribution Management System

Model-Driven Planning, eSCADA, DMS & OMS Solution

Advanced Distribution Management System must offer flexible solutions to address the core requirement of the new digital grid to provide resiliency and reliability to the network while having the scalability to intelligently and proactively assess the outcome of the operations and contribute to the new requirements to minimize network cost and improve asset optimization.

ETAP ADMS offers such an intelligent and robust decision support platform based on a unified Digital Twin of the electrical network with a collection of Geospatial-based distribution network applications integrated with mission-critical operational solutions to reliably and securely manage, control, visualize, and optimize small to vast distribution networks and smart grids.

  • Model-based solution

    Model-Based Solution

    Integrated electrical asset information with network connectivity & visualization

  • Intelligent Situational Awareness

    Intelligent Situational Awareness

    Predictive analysis for what-if & future conditions

  • Advanced Applications

    Advanced Applications

    Advanced decision support analysis & adaptive optimization applications

  • Increased Availability

    Increased Availability

    Improved system outage response time & reduce restoration cost

  • Higher Reliability & Efficiency

    Higher Reliability & Efficiency

    Driven power reliability through reduced downtimes & operational risks

  • Increased Safety & Security

    Increased Safety & Security

    Improve system safety & security through real-world simulations

  • Operator Training Simulator

    Operator Training Simulator

    Accelerated dispatcher operation training

  • Improved Asset Management

    Improved Asset Management

    Command & control of substation assets

  • Cyber Security

    Built-in Cyber Security

    Secure grid management developed on a secure-by-design platform

  • Enterprise Collaboration Support

    Collaboration Support & Mobility

    Shared network management & visualization platform with extended field mobility

  • Protocol & Vendor Agnostics

    Protocol & Vendor Agnostics

    Robust integration with any legacy protocols and OEM hardware

  • Future Ready

    Future Ready

    Enabled implementation & integration with 3rd party platforms

Integrated ADMS Solution

ETAP ADMS is a combined planning and operation solution to manage, control, visualize, and optimize electrical power distribution networks.


Concerns & Challenges




Unified Decision Support Environment

Model, update, and maintain an accurate network model

Single Integrated Network Model
ETAP platform allows for a digital representation of the operating conditions of the electrical distribution network that is used as a single shared network model across various stakeholder for simulation, planning, monitoring, control, and operational optimization.


Bridging the OT & IT Gap

Integrated OT and IT environments
ETAP ADMS bridges the gap between Operations Technology (OT) - Grid assets, infrastructure and applications with Information Technology (IT) - Situational Intelligence for rapid and informed decision making.

  • Build and verify actions and control logic using ETAP Digital Twin simulator before field deployment.
  • Identify root cause and finding remedies for issues arising during the operation for normal, non-routine, and emergency situations.
  • Develop competency, improve confidence, and increase knowledge of operations staff for better and safer system performance.

Grid Modernization

Safe and effective decentralized energy delivery & management in the digital grid

Digital Grid Solution
ETAP provides advanced decision support capabilities for safe and reliable operation of the distribution network by integrating visualization and electrical distribution network applications to proactively reduces peak demandoptimizes network assets, while assisting distribution networks deliver electricity more efficiently, reliably, securely, and economically.


Assess the operational impact of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) across a distributed grid

Integrated Distributed Energy Resources Management
ETAP ADMS solution integrates with DERMS to proactively consider the impact of voltage support on high DER feeders, and to provide volt-var optimization and feeder capacity hosting calculations to determine the best optimization in coordination with DER dispatch and operating load across the gird.

  • Integrated with ETAP Microgrid Energy Management System for customer edge or distributed energy resource control.
  • Scalable and modular solution to manage, control, visualize, optimize, and automate utility distribution networks from large cities to rural cooperatives.

Track & Restore Outages

Improve emergency response, reduce restoration time, and inform customer about outages

Outage Management System
OMS provides operator assistance by identifying probable locations of the fault in the network and recommends the fault isolation and switching actions to clear a fault. Network restoration duration is reduced by predicting failures of isolation devices and providing information on extent of the outage and number of customers impacted.

  • Intuitive & modernized operator’s user experience for Dispatchers, Planning Engineers, Reliability Analysts and Managers.
  • Improved situational awareness with intelligence to provides efficient and reliable grid analysis and management during rapidly changing network state.
  • Interfaces to third-party applications for Crew ManagementStorm Management, and Estimated Restoration Time.


Featured Success Story

$21 Million +
Savings over 6 years
$9 Million +
Asset Integrity & Reliability Savings

ETAP ADMS™ Transforms Noida Power’s Traditional Utility to a Smart Utility

The implementation of ETAP ADMS enables NPCL to embark its journey towards smart grid implementation in the country wherein the Automation of every minute requirement has been taken care through business process-oriented implementation.


  • Improved network performance
  • Faster outage restoration
  • Substation equipment maintenance
  • Reduced dispatcher training time
  • More efficient power management & delivery

Noida Power Company Limited (NPCL) deployed ETAP’s model-based Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) including an integrated functionality of SCADA, DMS & OMS to improve its network reliability, performance, and response to customers.

As one of the fastest growing utilities near New Delhi, India, NPCL serves a demanding industrial, commercial, and residential customer base of 71,000.  NPCL’s electric utility system transformation is a part of the “Smart Grid Vision and Roadmap for India” which was launched a few years back.

Key Features 

Key Features

ETAP ADMS provides advanced decision support capabilities for safe and reliable operation of the distribution network with a user-friendly environment and comprehensive functionality to enhance the management of medium and low voltage radial or looped distribution networks.

  • Geospatial Electrical Diagram
  • Network Connectivity Analysis & NetView
  • Real-Time Distribution Operation Model & Analysis (DOMA)
  • Switching Order Management
  • Volt / Var Optimization & Control - VVO / VVC
  • Conservative Voltage Reduction - CVR 
  • Load Forecasting PRAS
  • Distribution State Estimation with Load Allocation 
  • Intelligent Alarm Processing - IAP
  • Feeder Balancing & Loss Mitigation
  • Distribution Contingency Analysis - DCA
  • Switching Optimization - SO
  • Switching Sequence Management - SSM
  • Fault Location, Isolation & Service Restoration - FLISR / FDIR
  • Relay Protection Re-coordination (RPRC)
  • Protection & Asset Management Solution - eProtect
  • Planned Outage Management
  • Storm Assessment
  • Web Clients & Mobile Views
  • Trouble Call Management 
  • Crew Dispatch & Workforce Management
  • Outage Analysis & Reporting
  • Reliability Assessment – RA

ETAP ADMS™ - Advanced Distribution  Management System

ETAP ADMS™ - Advanced Distribution Management System

ETAP Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) Overview

Grid Modernization Redefined.

Integrated ADMS Architecture



Advanced Distribution Management System - Session Intro

 Case Studies

Solution overview and introduction of the presenters.



Smart City ADMS Case Study of Egypt’s New Administrative Capital

 Case Studies

Transforming the ADMS concept into a smart city: a case study of the New Administrative Capital, Egypt Cities of the future will soon account for 90% of the world’s population growth, 80% of its carbon emissions, and 75% of its energy consumption. Added to this, by 2030, the world is projected to have 43 megacities with more than 10 million inhabitants in each.



Role of ADMS to Ease Power Distribution Operation​

 Case Studies

Noida Power Company Limited (NPCL) embarked on implementing the ETAP ADMS solution. ETAP ADMS has eased the NPCL distribution network's operation, improved outage response, and saved revenue in the process. This presentation will introduce ETAP ADMS and how it has transformed operations at NPCL. It will cover predictive planning and how NPCL has leveraged it to maximize revenue, enhance reliability, and improve customer satisfaction.

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