DataX - Échange de Données


Data Exchange & Conversion

DataX provides interfaces to 3rd-party engineering and CAD software.

Build-in tools to convert legacy power system analysis software and automatically generate a multi-layered graphical one-line diagram in conjunction with the electrical data and associated studies.

It provides engineering, construction and maintenance teams automated interfaces to transfer CAD data seamlessly into ETAP’s intelligent electrical power system modeling & analysis.

Key Features

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        ETAP Consulting supports clients worldwide in performing model validation of database conversions and data exchange projects.

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        How to Easily Migrate  from Legacy Software Projects to ETAP

        How to Easily Migrate from Legacy Software Projects to ETAP

        In this webinar, we demonstrated how easy it is to convert to ETAP 22 from various legacy software applications using the most advanced built-in data conversation tool. We also explored many of the new features & capabilities in ETAP 22 and revealed tips and tricks for the best ETAP experience.

        ETAP - Revit Data Exchange

        ETAP - Revit Data Exchange

        The ETAP-Revit data exchange utility simplifies the electrical design process by utilizing data already available in a Autodesk Revit® model. The interface automatically generates electrical models in ETAP to perform calculations and checks.

        AVEVA Electrical – ETAP Interface

        AVEVA Electrical – ETAP Interface

        This presentation aims to introduce the AVEVA Electrical product and how the graphical engineering philosophy can be used to rapidly populate an engineering database. The recently released AVEVA – ETAP data exchange will also be shown, to highlight how easily data can be transferred.

        NetPM™ Network Project Modeling & Management

        NetPM™ Network Project Modeling & Management

        This webinar introduces ETAP NetPM™ and demonstrates how this powerful time-saving solution for topology synchronization, data integration, model coordination & validation, and information transfer benefits users across the entire life cycle of the electrical network from modeling to operation and from engineering-consultants to owner-operators.

        Conversion Tutorial from SKM to ETAP

        Conversion Tutorial from SKM to ETAP

        Migration from SKM Power*Tools® just got easier, faster and more complete! Convert your SKM Dapper & Captor project files into ETAP power system analysis software.


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