System Modeling & Visualization



Electrical Digital Twin Platform

ETAP offers a one-stop solution with intelligent interface views and core capabilities to create, configure, customize, and manage your electrical power system model built on a unified Digital Twin platform.

ETAP Digital Twin platform for electrical power systems supports All Sectors, Across All Time!

  • Record the Past
  • Understand the Present
  • Predict the Future
ETAP Digital Twin Platform


ETAP Base Package

Base Package offers a powerful set of core tools to build an integrated electrical digital twin model enriched with intelligent applications to enable the efficient creation, configuration, organization, customization, management, and transformation of your projects, for ever changing system conditions.

Multi-Dimension Digital Twin Platform


Multi-Dimensional Database

ETAP’s unique multi-dimensional database allows for unlimited graphical presentations, status configurations, base & revision data, and operational parameters within the same project database.

  • Multi-dimensional planning using project wizards
  • Rule-based data entry & modeling
  • Scenario visualization & simulation
  • Intelligent data exchange interfaces
  • Server-client applications with user access control
  • Base & Revision data layers with merge management
  • etapPy™ – Scripting & Study Automation using Python™

Modeling & Visualization


Intelligent One-line View

Create, configure, customize, and manage your electrical system model for engineering analysis and power systems operation.  Core modeling and tools allow you to quickly and easily build 3-phase, 2-phase, and 1-phase AC and DC network one-line diagrams and GIS views with unlimited buses and elements including detailed instrumentation and grounding components.

  • One-line diagram & templates
  • AutoBuild - Automatic equipment connection mode
  • Built-in intelligent graphics
  • Network nesting
  • Synchronized GIS & one-line views

Modeling & Visualization


Intelligent Geospatial Network Builders & Views

ETAP Intelligent GIS Diagram offers a user-friendly environment for creating, visualizing and managing geospatial network databases with built-in capability for direct import of electrical data from a GIS database to dynamically create equivalent feeders while maintaining a complete geospatial view of the distribution system.

  • Synchronized electrical geospatial diagram, substation & equivalent circuit views
  • Model 1,000s of components as an equivalent feeder
  • Generate a logical feeder layout for individual or groups of feeders in single or multiple views
  • Show simulation results on geospatial & feeder views

etap grid modeling visualization


Grid Modeling & Visualization

An integrated logical and geospatial foundation to model, configure, manage, and visualize electrical transmission networks with unlimited buses and elements. Detailed modeling of various transmission equipment includes detailed bus breaker modeling for substations and unlimited switching topologies.




eSCADA™ Human Machine Interface (HMI) provides a modern graphical dashboard with electrical intelligence and situational awareness. Smart visualization views, combined with predictive analytics, enable the system dispatcher to effectively view and analyze key performance indicators.

  • Thin client application for monitoring & control
  • Customizable web-based interfaces & technology
  • Alarm & Event Log views
  • SCADA HMI template library
  • Operator Simulations

Web Clients & Mobile Views


Web & Mobile View

The ETAP Web-Based Solution offers an extended thin-client web-based application that allows users to visualize, simulate, and manage their electrical systems remotely from the web.

  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Tabular, Schematic, GIS
  • Gauges, Trends, Tabular Control objects
  • Real-Time & archive data trending
  • Energy Accounting display
  • User-defined report viewer
  • Real-Time & Archive data trending


Mobile Field Data Collection & Synchronization application to increase accessibility to ETAP projects for data collection and verification for field engineers.

  • Collect data, verify existing data & transfer to ETAP
  • Build & modify one-line diagram
  • Accept / Reject data changes
  • Geo Tagging - equipment location
  • Synchronize with ETAP model using NetPM
  • Designed for Apple® iPad & Microsoft® Surface tablets, download for free.

NetPM™ - Network Project Modeling & Management



Network Project Modeling & Management provides a platform for collaborative engineering using smart management tools to shorten the time for power system modeling and studies from months to weeks.

  • Accelerate project change management
  • Improve engineering design quality
  • Built-in review & approval process
  • Simultaneous modeling & analysis
  • Collaborative GIS model management & synchronization

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