Digital Twin Solution to Design, Plan, Operate, Optimize & Automate Electrical Power Systems

ETAP 21 multi-language edition is published in eight languages.

The ETAP 21.0.2 is the latest upgrade in the series which offers a new set of integrated power analysis modules, electrical dimensioning capabilities, automation, and operations solutions. With this release engineers and operators can use ETAP in one of the following languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • German*
    * Output Report Only

ETAP 21 Series offers an impressive new set of integrated power analysis modules, electrical dimensioning capabilities, automation, and operations solutions.

From advanced renewable energy modeling, safety compliance, simulation tools, leading-edge model-driven real-time network management solutions, ETAP 21 addresses your requirements and industry needs.

ETAP 21 Series includes new solutions & features plus 1,000's of enhancements and time-saving improvements supporting our customers with technology and best practices to become more:




Make all the right moves to improve safety



Maximize your power system reliability



Maximize your operational efficiency



Simplify and maintain regulatory compliance



Fast & accurate integration of renewables in the new energy landscape

Design Solutions


AC Arc Flash

Reduce Risk, Improve Safety & Enforce Compliance based on Australian Std.

Compliance with guidelines for the selection, use and maintenance of PPE for electrical arc hazards

  • Calculation based on Australian Std. Energy Networks Association's ENA NENS 09-2014 (Sweeting Method)
  • Maximum and Minimum Arc Current Incident Energy Results
  • User-Definable Arc Current Determination Factors
  • 3-Phase/1-Phase, Electrode material, and Distance Exponent Factors
  • PPE Breakthrough ATPV Multiplier factor
  • Batch calculation for 1000's of locations
  • Edit, customize, and Print Labels from the Calculator
  • Arc-Flash Boundary and Shock Risk Assessment Plots
  • IE vs. Arc Duration and Working Distance Plots
  • Enclosed and Open-Air Typical Input Data (per IEEE 1584)
  • Arc-Flash Label Templates per ENA NENS 09

Arc-Flash Plot View

Transient Arc-Flash Result Graphical Comparison

  • New plots with a quick overview of multiple scenario results
  • Incident Energy vs. Working Distance and Arc Duration Lookup Chart
  • Worst-Case Arc-Flash Boundary vs. Electrode Configuration Plot
  • Transient Arc Current and Incident Energy Plots
  • Generic Transient Short-Circuit Bolted Fault Current Input Parameters (Generated)
  • Import Transient Short Circuit results to Integrate final Incident Energy Exposure
  • Ability to include asymmetrical current in Energy Integration
  • PlotView feature includes fully customizable plots including 3D Views
  • Unlimited Plot Customization ETAP Plot SnapShots™ to record and save unlimited plot views
  • Result Tooltips to aid in Result Visualization

DC Arc Flash

Reduce Risk, Improve Safety & Enforce compliance based on German Std.

Identify and analyze high-risk arc flash areas with greater flexibility by simulating and evaluating various mitigation methods.

  • DC Arc Flash Calculator with Two Methods:
    • DGUV-I 203-077 – Worst Case (Max Power)
    • General (Iterative) – Based on Stokes
  • Shunt and Series DC Arc Fault Types
  • Batch Import and Export for 1000's of Locations
  • DC Arc Flash Custom Label Generation
  • PPE Evaluation based on VDE 0682-306-1-2 or User-Defined Energy Levels
  • Typical Input Data for Diff. Equipment Types
  • Electrode Material Correction Factors
  • Boundary Plots & Intuitive Easy-to-Use Interface
  • Export Results to CSV and MS Excel

Reliability Assessment

Assess the availability and quality of power supply at each customer service entrance

  • Analyze complete system or targeted feeders only
  • Display assessment results directly on GIS Diagram
  • Enhanced plot selection

Switching Optimization

Automatically determine the optimal system configuration to achieve user-specified objectives

  • Alert & Visual Display on ETAP One-line & GIS Diagram
  • Enhanced modeling for switched capacitor banks

Switching Sequence Management

Ensure safety by graphically building, simulating & testing switching sequence plans

  • Validation of switch plans using Unbalanced Power Flow
  • Simulate switch plans on One-line or GIS Diagram
  • Export sequence plans to MS Excel
  • Export plans to online Sequence Management Viewer

Time Domain Load Flow

Automatically & sequentially vary load and generation and solve steady-state power flows over time

  • Quasi-Static Load Flow (QSLF) with Controller dynamics simulation
  • Smart Inverter simulation and analysis
  • Time-domain profiles for VFD, induction, and synchronous machines
  • Plot response from Controllers and SVC/STATCOM
  • Total Active & Reactive Power Plots
  • Time Slider & Alerts for GIS Diagram
  • Interpolation between time steps smaller than profile resolution
  • Higher resolution time step external data support and simulation

Signal Scope Analyzer

Signal analyzer allows plotting and analysis of signals from various ETAP modules in multi-module studies

  • Analysis and filtering capability for undamped, overdamped, and underdamped signals
  • Study Plot Lists capability which allows the user to conveniently select specific plots to be generated and analyzed for their project
  • Comparison Signal Instruction files in XML format to support ETAP users with any regional settings
  • Unlimited plot customization with ETAP Plot SnapShots™ for single and comparison charts to record and save unlimited plot views

Volt/Var Optimization

Minimize VAR Losses and Improve Distribution Grid Efficiency

  • Alert visualization on GIS Diagram
  • Enhanced modeling for switched capacitor banks & distribution transformers

StarZ Distance Protection

Gain insight into line protection, relay performance & evaluate system-wide protective device operation

  • Simulate protection impact based on Unbalanced Faults -AG, BG, CG, AB, BC, CA, ABG, BCG, and CAG
  • StarZ™ integration with eTraX™ for railway system protection simulation
  • Create and Manage StarView TCCs in StarZ mode
  • Normalized TCC based on StarZ Single-fault report

Transient Stability

Accurately simulate power system dynamics and transients

  • Frequency calculation for grid-forming inverter
  • Improved frequency estimation algorithm for dynamic simulation

Cable Systems

Calculate optimal and alternative cable sizes

  • Selection of cables based on Australian Standard AS/NZS 3008.1.1 up to and including 0.6/1 kV
  • Selection of cables based on New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 3008.1.2 up to and including 0.6/1 kV
  • Built-in ampacity/capacity & derating factor tables based on methods of installation
  • Sizing of phase conductor based on loading, voltage drop, short-circuit, and harmonics
  • Batch cable management & dimensioning from Cable Manager
  • Updating Equipment Cable SC kA from Load Terminal Fault
  • Cable pulling upgraded to a 64-bit application

    Line Ampacity Calculation

    Calculate the current-temperature characteristics for overhead lines

    • Comply with IEEE 738-2012 standard
    • Study conductor ampacity vs. temperature characteristics
    • Determine maximum transmission & distribution line operating temperature under various loading conditions
    • Calculate transmission and distribution line derated ampacity based on temperature limit
    • Consider effects and adjustments due to weather, solar heat, & geographical location effects


    Accelerate digitization and data exchange through built-in conversions

    SKM Import

    • Enhanced built-in conversion from SKM PowerTools® to ETAP, including conversion of DC system
    • Improved automatic single-line diagram generation

    Power Analytics / EDSA Import

    • Built-in conversion from Power Analytics® / EDSA®
    • Automatic single-line diagram generation

    Common Information Model Import

    • Import & automatic GIS diagram generation from CIM XML
    • Incremental data exchange with intelligent component property comparison
    • Automatic file ingestion using file watcher and scheduler with job logging
    • Automatic device warehouse creation
    • Automatic single-line diagram updates for the modified area without impact to non-changed areas
    • Automatic synchronization from GIS to single-line

    NTF Format

    • Built-in conversion using NTF file format for transfer of geospatial information (BS 7567)
    • Import data from Distribution Network Information System (DINIS) using NTF format

      ETAP Application

      Improved Compatibility & Security Compliances

      • Improved high-resolution display support
      • More responsive and performance improvements throughout
      • Username & access role display on the application title
      • Copy textbox to clipboard for other applications


      Foundation for network visualization of electrical networks

      User-friendly interface for creating and managing the network database used for schematic network visualization.

      • Modify device ID directly on the single-line​
      • Modify & apply multi-meter styles from Theme Manager
      • Lock component physical location on single-line
      • Toggle result position
      • Information annotation alignment tools – Left, center, right & vertical spacing

      GridCode - Smart Inverters

      Ensure compliance with grid code with modern Smart Inverter modeling & simulation

      Model & simulate inverters that dynamically work with the grid to increase resilience, reliability, safety, and security.

      • Makes autonomous decisions to keep grid stable and reliable as more DERs come online
      • Multiple modes of operation & control
        • Volt – Var
        • Volt – Watt
        • Watt – Power Factor
      • User-Defined Control Curves or Static Var Support
      • Real or Reactive Power Priority Modes
      • Include smart inverter constraints
      • Maintain compliance per IEEE 1547 and California Rule 21

        Intelligent Controllers

        Renewable energy control system including microgrids & power plant controllers

        • Controller Element for Renewable Energy Modeling
        • Microgrid & Power Plant / Station Controllers
        • Inverters & Energy Storage Controllers
        • Graphical selection of monitoring and controlled devices
        • Import and automatic parameterization of 'black boxed' DLLs


          etapAPI™ ETAP RESTful API for Interoperability

          Web services-based architecture for ETAP to interact with other complementary applications through data messaging

          • Connect to ETAP from any device, any platform
          • ETAP now exposes its services over a REST API
          • Readily implemented as a Python client in etapPy
          • Run scenarios, studies, get project data, all from your tools


            Scripting & Study Automation using Python

            Feature-rich ETAP-Python API and IDE for creating and executing python scripts

            • Integration of ETAP and Python scripting language
            • Run ETAP studies remotely and in-parallel across machines
            • API expansion, including automation of
              • Short Circuit
              • Star Sequence of Operation
            • Detailed reference documentation (descriptions, example code)

              Engineering Libraries

              Verified & Validated Equipment Libraries

              Industry-standard for the most comprehensive V&V engineering equipment libraries. The latest library updates are included with every release & available for download from ETAP Help Center™.

              • Enhanced LV Circuit Breaker modeling capability
              • New Protective Device models (1,100+)
                • LV Circuit Breakers
                • LV Trip Devices
                • Fuses
                • Relays

                Operation Solutions



                Instructor & Trainees System with Dynamic Power System Response

                Improve and augment operator / dispatcher training for electrical systems through real-world practical learning and supports decision-making via "what-if" simulations for steady-state and dynamic system conditions.

                • Efficient power system analysis by comparing graphical results from multiple studies
                • Advanced high-speed Python Framework
                • Available for all modules with plot-based reports
                • Automatic sizing & sub-plot arrangements
                • Tooltip & cross-hair based value tracking


                Automated Fault Analysis Software

                Operational and decision-support analysis software to analyze waveforms recorded during fault.

                • Automatic fault information retrieval – COMTRADE
                • Fault type, impedance & location identification
                • Field data sequence of operation by relay, bay, substation & zone
                • Line positive and zero sequence estimation
                • Phasor, RMS, harmonics, power & frequency estimation
                • Model verification
                • Automatic event report generation with model-based & rule-based root cause analyses
                • Graphical visualization & reporting of fault location
                • Integrates with ETAP eProtect™ & Outage Management System (OMS)


                Fault Location Isolation & Service Restoration

                • Network components capacity evaluation
                • Forecasted affected area based on trouble calls
                • Fault location based on trouble call, FPI Signals and protection devices data
                • Integrated with etap AFAS engine
                • Automated isolation, partial restoration, and full restoration switching steps
                • Control inhibition on affected feeders
                • Integrated Switching Order Management
                • LSD and GIS Graphical Web/Workstation Displays


                Proactive Situational Awareness

                • Identifies potential problems under current conditions
                • Predicts system contingencies before operator actions
                • Validates continuously process changes and indicates out of normal conditions


                Integrated Maintenance Management

                • Access Asset information via Mobile devices
                • Manage maintenance
                • Create and manage work orders
                • Integrated with ETAP Model
                • Include procedures, test, and maintenance documentation records


                Model-Driven Planning, eSCADA, DMS & OMS Solution

                Volt/Var Optimization

                • Advisory / Supervisory Modes
                • HTML5 Visualization Dashboard
                • Reporting and Validation Charts

                Outage Management System

                • Crew Management
                • Dispatch App
                • CIS Integration
                • SOM Integratio
                • Reclosure support


                Electrical System Control and Data Acquisition

                Alarm Management

                • Email and SMS Notification & Acknowledgement
                • HTML5 Interface

                User Defined Reports

                • System Level
                • Shift Change
                • Alarm Reasons
                • SOM Integration
                • Outage Summary

                etap DERMS

                Distributed Energy Resource Management System

                • Wind, Solar & Energy Storage
                • Grid Code Compliance
                • Integrated Hosting Capacity Analysis
                • Grid Operation & Optimization
                • DER Forecasting

                etap μGrid

                Model Driven Microgrid Control & Management

                An integrated model-driven design software and control hardware solution to develop, simulate, optimize, validate, and control microgrids.

                • Optimal Dispatch of Microgrid Resources
                • Grid-Connected and Islanding Control & Management
                • Demand Side Management
                • Energy Storage Management
                • Generation & Load Forecasting
                • Performance Testing & Validation


                Model Driven Power Plant Controller

                Model-driven renewable power plant control and management with SCADA visualization, predictive analysis, optimization and forecasting.

                • Control & Manage Hybrid Power Plants
                • Generation Optimization
                • Power Smoothing
                • Energy Storage Management
                • Performance Testing & Validation
                • SIL and HIL Testing and Simulation
                • Design & Operate for Grid Code Compliance

                Cloud & Mobile Solutions



                Centralized Web-Based Protection & Asset Management

                Solution for relay settings change management to manage location, information, and settings throughout the lifecycle of protective relays and substation assets.

                • Increased data quality & access management
                • Automatic notification, processing & relay settings file generation
                • Protection setting synchronization between a physical relay & ETAP Star Protective Device Coordination
                • Integrated with Advanced Fault Analysis System (AFAS)


                Web Browser based Simulation, Monitoring, and Reporting

                • HTML5/JS based Web Interface
                • Load Flow & Short-Circuit Simulations
                • Asset Management Interface
                • Real-Time Dashboard Integration
                • Reports and Work Orders

                etapAPP 6.0

                Mobile Field Data Collection & Synchronization

                Increase accessibility to ETAP projects for data collection and verification with the updated version of etapAPP™, a tablet application made for field engineers.

                • Now available on Google Play Store for Android Platform

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