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Plan, Design, Automate, Operate & Optimize

Built upon a Continuous Intelligence Digital Twin Platform

ETAP 20.5 offers an impressive new set of integrated power analysis modules, electrical safety capabilities & operational compliance solutions with advanced renewable energy modeling & simulation tools, leading-edge co-simulation technology & model-driven real-time network management systems.

This release includes new solutions & features, plus 100’s of enhancements & time-saving improvements.

Download Full Release from ETAP Help Desk.

What's new-tag in ETAP 20.5

Arc Flash

  • NFPA 70E-2021 & Capacitor Hazard Assessment
  • German Std. DGUV 203-077 (BGI/GUV-5188e) Calculator – Störlichtbogenberechnung

Protection & Selectivity

  • Device Connectivity & Design Assessment
  • Current Transformer Saturation & Sizing


  • CoSimulate Electromagnetic & Phasor Transients
  • WECC Based SVS Models for SVC & STATCOM
  • Scopes & Plots for Internal Variables
  • Residual or Remnant Flux for Transformer Inrush

Data Exchange

  • Accelerate Design using DWG CAD Data Exchange from AutoCAD to ETAP

ETAP Application

  • Live Plots & Graphical Result Visualization for All Modules
  • Plot Result Comparison & User-Defined Python Plots
  • ETAP-Python™ Scripting & Program Automation


  • Grid-Following Inverter
  • Solar Panel Estimation for One & Two Diode Models
  • Comprehensive Solar Panel Library (400+ Vendors)

Cable Thermal Analysis

  • Expanded Modeling of LV, MV & HV Cables for Underground Raceways
  • Snap & Alignment Tools

Railway Systems

  • Long & Heavy Trains in Mixed Terrains
  • 3D Plots – Day, Timetable & Study Parameter


  • Expanded Engineering Libraries (30,000+ Devices)

Operate & Maintain

  • Operator Training Simulator
  • Advanced Fault Analysis System


  • Microgrid Controller & Energy Management System
  • Renewable Power Plant SCADA & Controller

Cloud & Mobile

  • Centralized Web-Based Protection Solution
  • Network Project Management
  • Mobile Field Data Collection & Synchronization

Design Solutions for Simulation & Analysis


Identify and analyze high-risk arc flash areas with greater flexibility by simulating and evaluating various mitigation methods.

  • AC & DC Arc Flash PPE & Boundaries updated to comply with NFPA 70E-2021
  • NFPA 70E 2021 Article 360 & Appendix R – Capacitor Hazards Evaluation
    • Hearing Protection Boundary
    • Lung Protection/Collapse Boundary
    • Stored Energy Arc-Flash Hazard Calculation
    • NEC 2020, CSA C22.1-18, IEC 60831-2014, IEEE-18-2012 & NFPA70E-2021 Safe Discharge Voltage Standards
    • Capacitor Hazard Evaluation Results in AFRA, Datablocks, Excel Reports
  • Capacitor Hazard Warning Label Templates
  • Enhanced batch import from Excel for all Arc Flash Calculators
  • Print custom Arc Flash Labels from all Arc Flash Calculators
  • German Arc Flash Calculator Labels based on DGUV-I 203-077
  • User-Defined i.e. Reflectivity Factors for ArcFault & DGUV Methods
  • Enhanced AF Auto Evaluation Interface
  • Enhanced Enclosure Editor Filter from One-Line Selections
  • Custom Label - Metric templates

Perform accurate and detailed multi-domain Phasor (RMS) and Electromagnetic transients (EMT) studies with ETAP Transient Stability and eMTP.

  • Single-domain or multiple-domain co-simulation
  • Watch your transient simulations in action with Live Charts for multiple components & variables
  • Simulate large networks in high-fidelity
  • Multiple CoSim elements per bus
  • Multiple CoSim buses
  • Accounts for transformer phase shifts on the RMS network
  • Graphically boundary data charting using rich Python-based plots

Renewable Energy & Battery Storage Dynamic Models using User-Defined Dynamic Models (UDM) or Manufacturer Black Box Models (DLL).

  • Analyze plots from related modules in UDM Scope PlotView
  • UDM Scope Plot output to SQLite & CSV
  • Generic Static Var System Models based on WECC


Solar Parameter Estimation

  • Estimate solar panel P-V & I-V curves using manufacturer ratings
  • Utilize one or two diode model for solar performance estimation
  • Include solar performance based on user-defined or estimated curves
  • Auto-update the model parameters into the solar library
  • Automatically recalculate solar panel characteristics
  • Plot Analyzer for graphical plot results comparison & evaluation
  • Improved progress bar status, view elapsed & remaining time
  • Expanded time slider with motor starting events
  • Protective device functions & logic assessment tool
  • Quickly identify missing information, disabled functions & more
  • Auto Fit TCCs based on resolution & available display area
  • Improved performance of current limiting models under low voltage operating conditions
  • Plot Analyzer for graphical plot results comparison & evaluation
  • Live One-Line Diagram plots for graphical results
  • Custom Python based plots – Routes & timetables
  • Multi-axes 3D plots – Day, timetable & plot parameter
  • New keyboard shortcuts for multiple device selection in study case plot tab & PlotView
  • New selection for plotting STATCOMs & SVCs in study case
  • Improved progress bar status & view elapsed & remaining time
  • New dynamic events list in Traction Time Slider
  • Enhanced reports with DC rail results (currents & voltage drops)
  • Updated user guide with process flowchart & FAQs
  • Enhanced handling of node grounding in DC train systems
  • Added rectifier model names to OLV Data Manager
  • Plot Analyzer for graphical plot results comparison & evaluation
  • Multi-axes 3D Plots – Voltage, angle & time
  • API to interface solar/ESS inverter & wind turbine dynamic models via user/manufacturer supplied DLL
  • Improved progress bar status & view elapsed & remaining time
  • Grid following inverter modeling
  • Transformer inrush with remnant or residual flux
  • Plot Analyzer for graphical plot results comparison & evaluation
  • Combine voltage & current distortion in a single plot for branches & buses
  • G5/4-1 Planning & compatibility harmonic limits rulebook
Product-Image-Cable Sizing
  • New physical layers
  • Support cycling cable transient load profile
  • Standard table-based overload protection I2 calculation
  • Induced voltage alert for NF 13-200 standard
  • New capabilities in Cable Manager
  • Report correction factors & corresponding tables
  • Plot Analyzer for graphical plot results comparison & evaluation
  • Live One-Line Diagram plots for graphical results
  • Improved progress bar status, view elapsed & remaining time
  • Snap to grid & snap to guides
  • Plot Analyzer for graphical plot results comparison & evaluation
  • Transient temperature calculation using complete 24-hour time profiles
  • ANAFAS & ANAREDE Import new-tag
    • Import ANAREDE format to ETAP for load flow analysis
    • Import ANAFAS format to ETAP for short circuit analysis
    • Automatic One-Line generation
  • SKM Import
    • Conversion automatically creates split-bus new-tag
    • Improved one-line diagram layout & element mapping
  • Milsoft WindMil Import
    • Import standard text files (.mpt, .seq, .std) directly into ETAP
    • Automatic GIS & OLV generation
    • Supports incremental data file import
    • Eliminated Java support

Operation Solutions


Solution for relay settings change management to manage location, information, and settings throughout the lifecycle of protective relays and substation assets.

  • Increased data quality & access management
  • Automatic processing & relay settings file generation
  • Protection setting sync between a physical relay & ETAP Star PDC
  • Integrated with Advanced Fault Analysis System (AFAS)

Improve and augment operator / dispatcher training for electrical systems through real-world practical learning and supports decision-making via “what-if” simulations for steady-state and dynamic system conditions.

  • ETAP-in-the-Loop system simulation
  • Training simulator for SCADA, PMS, EMS, ILS, DMS & OMS
  • Instructor to multi-trainee environment with ad hoc & pre-defined scenarios
  • Evaluation of trainee performance & continuous learning environment
Advanced Fault Analysis System

Advanced Fault Analysis System 

Accurate Fault Location & Outage Management

Operational and decision-support analysis software to accurately simulate fault transients of distribution systems to improve fault location accuracy.

  • Fault information retrieval – COMTRADE
  • Fault type, impedance & location identification
  • Phasor & frequency estimation
  • Graphical visualization & reporting or fault location
  • Integrates with eProtect & OMS

Automation Solutions

Microgrid Control

An integrated model-driven design software and control hardware solution to develop, simulate, optimize, validate, and control microgrids.

  • Generation optimization
  • Generation & load forecasting
  • Grid power interchange control
  • Black start & system restoration
  • Islanding management
  • Optimize, tune & hot-swap logic
  • Control validation via real-time simulation

Model-driven renewable power plant control and management with SCADA visualization, predictive analysis, optimization and forecasting.

  • Design & operate to balance grid code compliance & power plant performance
  • Active power, reactive & energy storage management
  • Intelligent & centralized renewable farm control
  • Renewable energy SCADA & dashboards

Cloud & Mobile Solutions

Network Project Modeling & Management

Network Model Management platform for collaborative engineering using smart management tools

  • Automatic synchronization of OLV with split bus across multiple projects
  • Improved synchronization including annotations & graphics
  • Revert data using NetPM local change queue
etapAPP 3.0

Increase accessibility to ETAP projects for data collection and verification with the updated version of etapAPP™, a tablet application made for field engineers.

  • Filter element properties based on Datablock templates from ETAP
  • Text box style templates
  • Improved device search by type
  • Picture sorting

Unified Digital Twin Application Platform


ETAP Application

Improved Compatibility & Security Compliances

  • High-resolution display support
  • Compatibility with MS SQL Server 2012 SP4
  • etapPy API compatibility with Python 3.8.4
  • Greater responsiveness & performance improvements throughout
  • Notifications & auto service pack updates

ETAP One-Line Diagram is a user-friendly interface for creating and managing the network database used for schematic network visualization.

  • Graphically split buses for improved diagram layout & organization
  • Graphically select all components of the same type
  • Set in/out of service based on device type
  • Enhanced Datablocks
    • Display metadata links such as pictures, manuals, etc.
    • Display switching device configuration status
    • Quickly search & use device properties
    • Apply display style individually or based on a theme

Get a live insight into the study results using PlotView, including user-configurable visualization and export capabilities.

  • Embedded PlotView for live insight on a one-line diagram for:
    • Railway power systems - eTraX
    • Renewable, T&D, Transportation & more - Time Domain Power Flow
  • PlotView for element editors
    • Solar/PV performance characteristics – P-V & I-V curves
    • Harmonic spectrum


Streamline your Work & Enhance Productivity with CAD

Utilize CAD/DWG file import & export with ETAP to allow for synchronization between engineering, construction, and maintenance teams

  • Import CAD/DWG to ETAP
    • Automatically generate a one-line diagram
    • Automatically generate substation ground grids
  • Export CAD/DWG from ETAP one-line diagram


Compare & Analyze Graphical Plot Results in a Single View

Get a live insight into the study results using Plot Analyzer, including user-configurable visualization and export capabilities.

  • Efficient power system analysis by comparing graphical results from multiple studies
  • Advanced & high-speed Python framework for charting
  • Available for all ETAP simulation modules with plot-based reports
  • Automatic sizing & multiple sub-plot arrangements
  • Tooltip & cross hair based value tracking
  • Copy to clipboard & export values to Excel
  • User-configurable plots & settings via Python scripts
  • Automatic display of event information for time-based studies
  • Automatic display of alert information
  • Generate & utilize custom plot types using Python
  • Cable Sizing – NF C13-200
  • PV array performance characteristics PlotView
  • Harmonic spectrum PlotView
  • Capacitor – Arc flash energy
  • Protection of IEC two-winding transformer – Withstand duration


ETAP RESTful API for Interoperability

Web services-based architecture for ETAP to interact with other complementary applications via data messaging

  • Connect to ETAP from any device, any platform
  • ETAP now exposes its services over a REST API
  • Readily implemented as a Python client in etapPy
  • Run scenarios, studies, get project data, all from your tools

Feature-rich ETAP-Python API and IDE for creating and executing Python scripts

  • Integration of ETAP & Python scripting language
  • Feature-rich Python editor for running Python scripts
  • Python API to run studies & generate output data reports
  • Run ETAP studies remotely & in parallel across machines
  • Customized Excel output reports using Python report generation for various modules
  • Detailed reference documentation (descriptions, example code)
  • Expanded Python commands for Voltage Stability & Harmonic Analysis
Engineering Libraries

Industry-standard for the most comprehensive V&V engineering equipment libraries. The latest library updates are included with every release & available for download from the ETAP Help Center™.

  • Solar/PV Array Library
    • Expanded 16,000+ PV Models
    • Solar/PV Parameter Estimation based on one & two diode models
    • Graphical display P-V & I-V characteristics
  • Expanded Circuit Breaker & Relay models
  • New Protective Device models
  • Updated Cable Libraries per cable regulation types

Project Tracking & Gantt

Project & Task Management Made Easy

Utilize built-in task management and Gantt Chart features to track tasks and progress of your system study projects directly in ETAP.

  • Create tasks & milestones
  • Track project progress with automatic Gantt Chart updates



ETAP 20.5 New Features and Capabilities


This webinar highlights integrated power analysis modules, electrical safety capabilities, and operational compliance solutions, released in ETAP 20.5. Learn about major features & capabilities plus 100’s of enhancements and time-saving improvements added to existing ETAP modules.

Download Full Release from ETAP Help Desk.

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