Innovative Platform & Game-Changing Solutions

ETAP 18 offers a powerful set of new products and major features & capabilities. This game-changing release brings together innovative solutions for modeling, analysis, and operation at your fingertips.

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This point release includes new features and improvements to enhance software performance and the user experience. This upgrade adds to the extensive list of new features and capabilities of the ETAP 18 series. View ETAP 18.1.1 Features & Enhancements

etapAPPTM Data Collection & Synchronization App

Field data collection and simultaneous user project management synchronized with ETAP

 Available for free download from Microsoft® and Apple® App stores

ETApp Tablet

One-Line Diagram

Complete or subsystem network

ETApp Smart Connect

Smart Connect

Auto-insert devices without breaking connections

Smart Touch

One finger & two finger actions


Nested one-line diagram using composite networks

Data Access

User-based data access & synchronization


Capture pictures & hyperlink to ETAP model

Data Connection

Wireless connections & synchronization


View, edit & verify data using property data grid views

StarZTM T&D Protection & Coordination

Transmission and distribution system protection & coordination software offers insight into line protection evaluation, protective relay performance and system-wide protective device operation

  • Evaluate & verify system Protection & Coordination
  • Reduce human error in relay settings & logic
  • Simulate model-specific protection settings & functions
  • Use real-time operational data for system evaluation
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Distance Relay Performance & Evaluation

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Time State, Time Distance Characteristic & Time Distance-Resistance Characteristic Plots

Sliding Fault Simulation on ETAP One-line Diagram

Advanced Power Flow & Sliding Fault Analyses for Unbalanced Networks

ArcFaultTM Arcing Fault Hazard Evaluation

High voltage arc flash module for arcing fault evaluation on electric transmission & distribution utilities and renewable power systems operating from 1 kV to 1000 kV.

  • Arc fault analysis using NESC & OSHA methods
  • Arc flash analysis data for equipment above 15 kV
  • Extended model for 'Arc in a Box'

High Voltage Arc Flash

eTraXTM Rail Traction System

Solution for analyzing, managing, and simulating low & medium voltage train power systems

  • Data Centralization: Geospatial, Schematics, Planning, Protection & Operations
  • Solve AC & DC Power Systems Simultaneously
  • Train Performance Calculation
  • Verified & Validated against benchmarks & global standard
  • Conceptual design & study to system integration & operation
  • Traction eSCADA with Real-Time Predictive Simulation
Traction Load Flow

Traction Load Flow

Traction Load Flow 2

Traction Power Load Flow


eTrax™ GIS

TDLF Time Domain Load Flow

Unsymmetrical Unified AC & DC Power Flow based on time-varying load and generation

  • Simultaneous AC & DC simulation
  • Unified alerts & reporting
  • Varying load & generation as a function of time
Time Series Load Flow

Time Domain Load Flow

Time Domain Load Flow

Time Domain Load Flow

Time Domain Unified Power Flow

Time Domain Load Flow

Unified Load Flow

Unified Load Flow

DataXTM Data Exchange

ETAP 18 offers a set of new powerful set of data exchange and interface tools including Autodesk Revit®, Model Conversion from SKM PTW, ESRI ArcGIS®, MultiSpeak®, CIM, Universal Mapping

Autodesk Revit

Autodesk Revit®

The ETAP-Revit interface simplifies the electrical design process.


Model Conversion from SKM PTW

Conversion just got easier, faster & more complete!



Import ArcGIS data to ETAP’s intelligent geospatial diagram



Import & export power system data from ETAP with MultiSpeak


Common Information Model, CIM

Import & export data from ETAP using CIM

Universal Mapping

Universal Mapping

A flexible database mapping module between ETAP and other databases.

EMT Electromagnetic Transient Program

Electromagnetic Transient Programs (EMT) for simulation & analysis of power system transients

  • Dedicated module for EMT analysis
  • Export ETAP electrical data to PSCAD® & EMT-RV
  • Automatic mapping of attributes
Electromagnetic Transient Program

Electromagnetic Transient Program

Renewable & Microgrid

New renewable energy models for accurate static and dynamic simulation, equipment sizing, grid interconnection studies and field verification of wind and solar farms

  • Design & analyze solar farms & wind parks
  • Microgrid modeling & design
  • Wind & PV integration impact on transmission grid
  • Wind & PV impact on distribution grid as Distributed Energy Resource
  • WTG short-circuit modeling per IEC 60909-2016

PV Integration Impact on Transmission Grid


PV Impact on Distribution Grid as DER


Design & Analyze Wind Farms or Wind Parks


Wind Power Integration Impact on Transmission Grid

ETAP-RTTM Power Monitoring & Control

New applications and major enhancement to ETAP Power Management & Automation solution

  • etapADMS™ - Advanced Distribution Management System
  • Switch Order Management - SOM
  • Electrical SCADA protocols & dashboards
  • Native IEC 60870 & ICCP protocols
  • Long-term Load Forecasting
  • Real-Time & Historical reports
  • Intelligent Load Shedding dashboard
etap Real-Time Dashboard

ETAP-RT™ Dashboard



etap ADMS Software

etapADMS™ - Advanced Distribution Management System

etap ADMS Software

etapADMS™ - Advanced Distribution Management System



etap Switching Order Management

Switching Order Management

etap iCETM Intelligent Control Enterprise Hardware

  • Programmable Controller
  • Remote Terminal Unit - RTU
  • Data Acquisition & Control
  • Secure Controller
  • Integrated Fault Detector
  • Fault Tolerant Hardware
  • Built-In Redundancy
  • Communication Protocols
  • Wireless Communications
Intelligent controller Enterprise

etap iCETM  - Intelligent Control Enterprise Hardware

System Modeling

ETAP 18 offers several new and time saving features and capabilities for intelligent system modeling and network management.

  • Powerful Plot Manager
  • New elements & engineering libraries
  • One-Line Diagram & Datablock enhancements
  • Intelligent Geospatial Diagram

Geospatial Diagram


Geospatial Diagram

One-Line Diagram-Line Jumps

One-Line Diagram - Line Jumps

Plot Manager

Plot Manager


Busbar, Inverter, WTG, PV Array Inverter, HVDC - Voltage Source Convertger (VSC)

Analysis Module

Major Enhancements

  • Balanced System Load Flow
  • Unbalanced System Load Flow
  • Short Circuit - IEC 909-2016 ed. 2
  • Arc Flash
  • Harmonics
  • Transient Stability & User-defined Dynamic Modeling
  • Star™ – Protection & Coordination
  • Switching Sequence Management
  • Reliability Assessment
  • Cable Sizing

Harmonics Plot Manager 2

Harmonics Plot Manager

Arc resist switchgear

Arc resist switchgear

Switching Sequence Management

Switching Sequence Management