Data Collection & Synchronization App


Data Collection & Verification

System Modeling & Layout

Synchronization & Security

Data Collection & Verification

  • Collect, view & verify data
  • Add nameplate & rating data
  • Capture equipment pictures
  • Link images to model
  • Tabular data view
  • Dark mode display

System Modeling & Layout

  • Build & modify one-line
  • Accept / reject changes
  • Smart connect w/ Auto Insert
  • Filter properties with Data Block templates
  • Automated connector rerouting
  • Geo Tagging - Equipment location
  • Layered subsystem drawings

Synchronization & Security

  • Assign project access per substation or area
  • Wireless data exchange between users
  • Synchronize with NetPM collaborative design platform
  • Windows authentication for security

Increase accessibility to ETAP projects for data collection & verification

Designed for Apple® iPad & Microsoft® Surface tablets, download for free.



Seamless Transition of Microgrids - From Grid-Connected to Islanded Mode

This webinar outlines how ETAP Microgrid Control Solution devises and implements adaptive strategies to enable a smooth transition between grid-connected and islanded modes during unplanned islanding.

etapAPP - Effectively Collect & Synchronize Field Data - ETAP Project Management Webinar Series Part 1

The etapAPP is a  tablet application to streamline field data collection as well as model, verify, and visualize electrical systems using logical and geospatial asset location and connectivity.