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CSE2021_POYLogo_Bronze_CombinedSuccessful and continuous management of data and assets in a digital substation can be a complex process. Power system asset management requires orchestration that addresses data management, personnel training, systems integration, maintenance testing, documentation combined with change management workflows.

ETAP eProtect™ is a centralized enterprise protection asset management solution that communicates with field protection relays and ETAP Protection & Coordination modules to manage location, information and settings throughout the lifecycle of protective relays and electrical assets.

  • Increased data quality & access management
  • Automatic processing & setting file generation
  • Relay setting change management
  • Protection system maintenance plan
  • NERC compliance summary reporting
  • Relay settings dashboard & notifications
  • Multi-user environment for relay management
  • Protection visualization & evaluation
  • Health monitoring & maintenance
  • Integrated with Advanced Fault Analysis System
Asset management software


Concerns & Challenges 


Solutions & Benefits


Transform to a Digital Substation

Manage thousands of protective devices, functions and substation assets

Centralized Asset Management System
eProtect Asset Management Solution includes an extensive and universal storage database that hosts, vast and diverse data, from unlimited devices including protection relays, CTs, VTs, substation transformers, station batteries, and more.


Achieve a single source of truth for engineering and operation

eProtect uses ETAP Digital Twin Unified Model
Digital twinning allows for an accurate representation of the power system, its characteristics, behavior, and responsiveness under various conditions such that improvements can be made. ETAP Digital Twin is a unified engineering and real-time platform used to model, design, visualize, analyze, predict, control, and provide insight into the management and performance of electrical power systems.


Integrate the asset management system with protection and coordination solutions which will assist engineers in evaluating and optimizing relay settings

Integration with ETAP Design and Analysis
Combine eProtect with power system analysis, coordination studies, automatic protection, & coordination evaluation, arc flash assessment, historical events, real-time operating data, and more to optimize the electrical system for any given condition.

  • Allow relay information to be kept in a central location
  • Automatically retrieve relay information to simplify data collection
  • Built-in templates and mapping without any complex communication

Data Integration and Change Management

Different database for each manufacturer

Vendor agnostic asset management system
eProtect supports the direct import and export of settings information from multiple manufacturer platforms. This allows for a large volume of numerical relay settings to be imported into the database as well as generation of settings file to upload into the protection relays avoiding the need to be transcribed manually.


Time spent on data collection used for Protection and Arc Flash studies

Settings file consumption, generation and management
Once the settings are available in the eProtect database, ETAP protection and coordination analysis software is utilized for settings design and verification unlocking productivity gains in the settings development, evaluation, and management process.


Change management and audit trails

Workflows, Access Control and Notifications
Business logic including workflows handling protection settings can be setup in rulebooks to be company specific. The workflow definition and size are flexible and user-defined. Email notifications can be triggered by workflow events. eProtect tracks changes being made to the network database as well as relay settings database including settings, device modification, and locations are stored in an audit trail.

  • Data repository supporting historical, current, and proposed new versions of relay settings
  • Web-based management system with access levels and editable information and functions
  • Storage of documentation including manuals, application guides, instrumentation diagrams, and settings calculations
  • Organization specific workflows and settings processes

Grid Code Compliance

Ensure compliance with standards and grid requirements

Built-in compliance auditing and reporting
eProtect compliance auditing and management system can setup, save, and store study parameters and intuitively rerun the same study in the future that pertains to NERC PRC or other local standards. View colored-coded study results to easily identify areas of noncompliance that require remedy actions.


Assess relay performance under operating conditions and system disturbances

Verification and Validation of Relay Settings
Advanced Fault Analysis System – AFAS is used to determine fault type, improve fault location accuracy, and provide a thorough assessment and validation of relay settings. AFAS decisions and ETAP Predictive Simulation offer insight into relay performance, setting evaluation, and system-wide protective device operation.

  • Integrated with Advanced Fault Analysis System
  • Generate and print compliance reports
  • Identify and mitigate areas of noncompliance
  • Alerts for unauthorized changes


Asset Management Software Benefits & Value

  • Maintain Grid Compliance
    Establish & maintain compliance with protection relay & control (PRC) standards enforced by bulk electric system regulators such as NERC
  • Vendor Agnostic
    Manage relay configurations from multiple vendors in a single dashboard
  • Improved Data Quality
    Reduction in transcribing errors via automatic processing & settings file generation
  • Effective Change Management
    Relay setting change management with access rights control & auditing reports



  • Verification & optimization with ETAP Star, StarZ & StarAuto
  • Settings lifecycle management & workflows
  • Auditing & settings history
  • User access management
  • Reporting & web services API
  • Document library & management
  • Network model management
  • Vendor-specific interfaces & mapping
  • Bi-directional device communication
  • Multi-user web application
  • Central & flexible data storage structure for power system equipment

Asset Management Applications

eProtect’s power system asset management software is leveraged from an ETAP model. Not only will you be able to find, share, track, update and store asset data but also optimize your network protection through an agile & flexible system which provides true insight into the big picture.

  • Asset Management
  • Digital Substation
  • Asset Health & Indices
  • Automated Fault Analysis
  • Automated Data Collection
Electric Utility Asset management

Asset management software webinar


Enterprise Protection & Asset Management System


Protection assets are critical to the safety and reliability of power systems. Utilities face the challenge of maintaining and managing protection equipment and rely upon different systems to monitor, manage, and optimize protection settings. ETAP eProtect™ solution provides lifecycle management of protection assets by combining a centralized protection settings management system with automated protection and coordination tools. eProtect allows for device management, relay settings optimization, and management of change across the enterprise. 

Intelligent Digital Substation Webinar


The specified form no longer exists or is currently unpublished.

ETAP Intelligent Digital Substation Solution


ETAP integrates model-driven software and hardware, including intelligent controllers with real-time operational digital twins. This webinar demonstrates how ETAP Digital Substation solution allows you to monitor and verify controller actions and system response during the design, implementation and operation of the controllers.



Operator Training Simulator - Advanced Simulation Requirements & Solutions Benefits & Case Study

 Case Studies

Solution Introduction, Case Study Presentation & Panel Discussion

  1. The digital foundation-based approach at every stage of the project utilizing the ETAP Digital Twin platform.
  2. Integrated design and automation to digital training for the facility.
  3. Emulating and simulating the real-time plant conditions for on-site competency development and training
  4. Digital protection and power management with predictive analytics for detailed visibility and operational efficiency
  5. Safety, power quality orientation for safe and reliable operation and management
  6. Use case of large oil & gas operating companies OTS deployment


Enterprise Asset Management & Automated Fault Analysis

Solution introduction & case study presentation
 Case Studies

Remote Management of Protection Relays  - Improved Productivity & Compliance Benefits
This presentation aims to define and demonstrate the importance of the remote management of protection relays in large power system networks. A protection system is vital for network security and reliability. A centralized system should aim to get each protection relay setting, records, logic, and status quickly and efficiently so that all these data can be analyzed, managed, and utilized.
In OETC grid stations, there are more than 4000 protection relays installed.  OETC network is rapidly expanding every year. There are incidences of tripping due to various reasons. These isolated equipment restorations can be done faster if protection relays fault records, events retrieved through remote access. ETAP and OETC are jointly working on conceptualizing and implementing a fully functional system for remote relay access and data retrieval – eProtect.
This presentation discusses the technical requirements, networking solutions, cybersecurity requirements, features, testing, validating system requirements, and detailed benefits. Challenges faced during implementation will be discussed together with their resolution.


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