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Novec Logo
"ETAP is a powerful, user friendly and easy to use tool with trusted output data and calculations. We are very satisfied with ETAP’s performance; it is one of the major tools that we are using, ETAP is a great help in running and performing complex analysis on our power system especially our Transmission system."
- Novec
"We have been using ETAP since 1992 and have found the program extremely user-friendly and very helpful in performing many station analyses for our twin unit Nuclear Power plants. ETAP has been very helpful in enhancing the program to meet client needs."
- FirstEnergy
"Having used the software since 1986, I find ETAP to be the most powerful design tool for power system designers."
- Equilon
"ETAP is a powerful piece of software and extremely user-friendly. The one-line Graphical User Interface makes modeling easy. Furthermore, ETAP engineers are very helpful and responsive."
- Duke Energy
"ETAP is an intelligent tool that has brought a very large and complex electrical system within our reach, enabling us to achieve all the things that we could not do before."
- Ontario Power Generation
"ETAP output reports are concise and easy to understand without a lot of additional explanation. The reports can be tailored to meet each specific need with as little or as much information printed as needed."
- Brown & Root
"ETAP has been one of our major tools in solving various studies on our projects. Since our company first started using ETAP in 1987, we found it user friendly and accurate. Most importantly, we were able to depend on the technical staff at ETAP whenever we needed help."
- Parsons
"I was very satisfied with the ease of use of ETAP and would certainly recommend it to others. Years ago, I used SKM power tools. I find your product far easier to use and understand."
"The functionality of our SmartPlant Electrical solution, combined with ETAP, provides a superior offering for owner operators and the EPC companies that design and construct industrial power systems."
- Intergraph
"The ITER Project selected ETAP as the electrical analysis tool for several reasons. The U.S. nuclear qualification ensures high level of quality. Moreover, in an international environment like ITER, ETAP demonstrated a high level of support in all the countries involved in the project."
"Using ETAP software in our electric power course provides students with a unique experience in analyzing real world electric system issues. They have a great opportunity to simulate and study issues common in industrial plants and electric utility systems with state-of-the-art software. ETAP better equips our students to advance in their chosen field of interest. As graduates they are better prepared and trained in electrical system design and analysis."
"With the 2010 [ETAP Nuclear User Utility] conference having the largest attendance in recent memory it shows how proactive nuclear industry users are in sharing solutions and discussing issues with their knowledgeable peers."
- Sargent & Lundy
"From protective device coordination, arc flash, load flow and voltage profile calculations to transient analysis with auxiliary power systems interfaces, we must stay current with the latest in software technology, and [the ETAP 2010 Nuclear User Utility Conference] is a best practice in achieving that."
- Dominion
"I have been a long time user of SKM and recently was asked to perform a Short Circuit Analysis, Coordination Study and ARC Flash Analysis using ETAP. We performed the studies as requested by our client and found ETAP to be very powerful, easy to use and very intuitive. From now on, we will be using ETAP regularly as it has made the task of performing studies very easy."

"As a user and client since ETAP V2, this fabulous program continues to get better and better. You and your smarts have played a major role in the success that Power System Solutions has enjoyed. I am indebted to you and the ETAP family. In all sincerity, I thank you for all you do."
- Power System Solutions

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“The investment in ETAP has proven to be most valuable to our engineering consultancy as both Lota and its customer have significantly benefited from the power of ETAP. This was so successful that now customers are suggesting new ETAP analysis, a result of their increased trust in both Lota and the ETAP software.”

- Lota.Ltd

“ETAP is always coming up with new and better ways of doing things and adding new features in the program.”

- Exelon