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Single-Line Diagram

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Intelligent Electrical Single-Line Diagram

Model & Design Faster Collaborate & Manage Quicker Operate & Automate Intelligently

The simplest yet most powerful way to design, manage and operate

ETAP intelligent electrical single line diagram (iSLD) is a multi-layered one-line view of the digital-twin, that includes advanced functionality and awareness of the device's characteristics and system behavior. It is an active blueprint and the foundation of your digital transformation journey.

ETAP’s iSLD is the ultimate user-interface to model, visualize, collaborate, and analyze electrical networks. It is designed to easily display analysis results, real-time system information and estimated data, to automate, validate, and manage AC & DC power network systems. The intelligent single-line diagram visualizes data in any combination of voltage, phase, frequency, measuring unit, and standard for any application and industry.

Transmission Network Single Line Diagram


Transmission & Distribution Network Single Line Diagram


Live Plots with Network Single Line Diagram


Railway Traction System One Line Diagram – eTraX


Distribution Network Single Line Diagram with Network Views


Renewable Energy Single Line Diagram


Generation System Single Line Diagram


Substation Interconnection Single Line Diagram




Visualize & Interact with ETAP
Multi-Dimension, Multi-Layer Digital-Twin

Empowering confident decision-making in an uncertain world

ETAP electrical single-line diagram integrates with all ETAP system views leveraging the ETAP Multi-Dimensional Digital Twin foundation enabling cross-domain functionality. ETAP electrical one-line diagram connects to a common data layer, unifying visualization across the entire ETAP digital ecosystem, enabling more accessible and efficient management of changes.

NetPM™ - Network Project Modeling & Management

Unified Team Collaboration on ETAP Intelligent Electrical Single-Line Diagram

Design & review together, shorten modeling from weeks to days

ETAP NetPM™ offers a powerful time-saving solution for information transfer across the entire life cycle of the electrical network.
Manage ETAP Electrical Single-Line Diagram in a single Cloud location, supporting real-time and asynchronous operation with team management using NetPM™


etapAPP 7.0

Mobile Field Data Collection & Synchronization

Increase accessibility to ETAP projects for data collection and verification with the updated version of etapAPP™, a tablet application made for field engineers.

  • Now available on Google Play Store for Android Platform

Key Features


Unified with Multi-Dimensional Database


Integrated with Digital-Twin views


Access Design & Operate Data & Controllers


Connectivity with Rules & Auto-layout saves time & eliminates guesswork


Maintain Multi-graphical deliverables in one database


Visualize Multi-Results, Data Blocks & Live Plots


Execute "what-if" studies using design, real-time operating, or historical data


Study wizards to execute design & operation scenarios for the past, present, and future system conditions


Real-time collaboration on the same single-line


Visualize & print engineering data


Collect data & synchronize single-line data from the field to your office


Automatically convert single-line data from legacy software and standard formats

Key Capabilities

Rapidly Develop Any Electrical Design

The intelligent One-Line Diagram takes the day-to-day system modeling and design tasks to a new level of speed, ease, and accuracy. With ETAP Single-Line Diagram, users can manage all aspects of their electrical digital twin during design and operations.

Auto-Build & Smart Alignment Tools

Auto-Build & Smart Alignment Tools

Auto-Build is an automated and powerful tool for creating and editing the one-line diagram. The rule-based design of Auto-Build can significantly reduce the time spent on creating a one-line diagram.

  • Automated creation of a single-line diagram without leaving the equipment toolbar
  • Quick & intuitive One-Line Diagram generation
  • Automatic spacing & alignment rules
  • No need to drag, drop, locate, and connect
Theme, Layer & Result Management – Theme Manager

Theme, Layer & Result Management – Theme Manager

Set unlimited themes for individual or multiple single-line diagrams. Themes can be preset or user-configurable, enabling color-coding based on engineering properties and element connections.

  • Display faulted buses by symbol or color
  • Apply a theme to individual view or globally
  • Display color coding based on:
    • Phase
    • Voltage level
    • Area
    • Feeder
    • Grounding (Solid, Low-Z, High-Z, Ungrounded)
    • Earthing (TT, TN, IT, NEC)
Auto-Range & Precision

Auto-Range & Precision

Intelligent Data Formatting that may be displayed or hidden based on:

  • Zoom level
  • Equipment type
  • Equipment state
  • Info annotations
  • Study Results
  • Datablocks
    • ­ Customizable result unit magnitude precision
    • ­ Change result display precision per unit
Hierarchical visualization using Composite Views – Networks & Motors

Hierarchical visualization using Composite Views – Networks & Motors

Composite Networks allow users to model and graphically divide the network into multi-nested views all in one project. Composite Motors combine motor control centers (MCC), loads, motors, and protective devices and represent it as a single element. These different views provide a more organized and straightforward appearance. Composite Networks can be nested with unlimited sub-networks, allowing for multiple layers in one project.

  • Customizable Views
  • Unlimited Composite Views
  • Unlimited Connections
  • User-defined Location & Sizing
  • User-defined Symbols, Thumbnails, Images
  • Visualize Properties & Results
Color Contouring

Color Contouring

Color contouring functionality allows the user to apply a preset or user-configurable color map to the one-line diagram. These maps are color-coded based on voltage or power flow magnitude providing an instant picture of normal and abnormal areas of the electrical or geospatial system, especially for extensive networks.

Engineering Data Display & Management - DataBlock

Engineering Data Display & Management - DataBlock

View device information such as input data and study results in a single Datablock directly on the one-line diagram. Datablocks may be applied from templates or user-customizable. Utilize one or more single-line diagrams to show, hide, arrange, and format according to the targeted information. Extend analysis capabilities with Datablocks by showing properties and results from different studies and within the same one-line diagram.

  • Customize input data & study results
  • Display results, tags, and/or properties
  • Define templates & share
  • Automatically apply-templates per device type
  • Instant preview of customized Datablock
  • Single or multiple study results including Load Flow, Short Circuit, Arc Flash, Motor Starting, and more
  •  Auto-adjusting protective device settings
  • Independent tooltip & display
  • Duplicate Datablocks across nested views
  • Adjust & customize Datablock look & feel such as text color, line style, fill, etc.
Circuit Continuity & Network Topology Processing

Circuit Continuity & Network Topology Processing

Dynamic continuity check shows de-energized devices as "semi-transparent" or in a user-preferred manner. Use circuit continuity as a foundation for network topology processing and graphically display the effect of system configuration changes made by the user or automatically through the analysis.

Equipment & Reference Design Templates

Equipment & Reference Design Templates

Equipment and reference design templates can be created based on existing models and shared with engineering colleagues within your organization ensures faster electrical design generation. Equipment templates can contain dimensioning and protection information or just basic equipment connectivity. Utilize existing templates provided by ETAP or create your own library to ensure quicker delivery of your projects.

Bring your Analysis to Life on the One-Line Diagram with LivePlots™

Bring your Analysis to Life on the One-Line Diagram with LivePlots™

PlotView is an advanced all-in-one solution for graphical report creation and data analysis. PlotView utilizes advanced & high-speed frameworks for charting and graphing. With comprehensive design and intuitive interface, users can maximize work productivity and save time comparing, generating, and maintain high-quality plots for their power system studies.

  • Plot Live Charts and overlay with the previous result
  • Embed Live Charts on One-Line Diagram
  • Utilize the new framework with all major ETAP modules
  • User-configurable plots & settings 

Other Features

  • Built-in intelligent graphics
  • High-Resolution Graphics
  • Display of energized & de-energized elements
  • Hyperlink bookmarks
  • OLE object integration
  • Multiple display layers
  • Region classifications & coloring
  • Composite Network thumbnails
  • Circuit tracing - source, load, point-to-point
  • Synchronized GIS & one-line views
  • Split bus & remote connections
  • Service & State Indications
  • Graphic alert of overstressed devices
  • MS Excel style data sorting & filtering
  • Multiple generators & grid connections
  • Propagation of nominal & rated voltage
  • Propagation of phase connection
  • Equipment grounding connection
  • Keyword-based element search
  • Orthogonal or diagonal equipment connections
  • Multiple equipment symbol sets
  • Unit selection based on equipment sizes
  • Copy-paste data to multiple existing elements

​​Experience the All New ETAP PowerRibbon and User Interface​

31:57 Webinars  

Join us in a webinar that focuses on new ways to elevate your ETAP software experience, highlighting the significant enhancements you’ll find in ETAP 2024 to boost your productivity. With the new ETAP 2024 Release, we are revolutionizing our software with ETAP PowerRibbon™ - An intuitive user interface that matches the power and precision of ETAP. 

ETAP iSLD - Intelligent Electrical Single-Line Diagram - ETAP Project Management Webinar Series Part 3

36:49 Webinars  
ETAP's intelligent electrical single line diagram (iSLD) is a multi-layered one-line view of the digital-twin, that includes advanced functionality and awareness of the device's characteristics and system behavior. It is an active blueprint and the foundation of your digital transformation journey. A Single-Line Diagram (SLD) is the ultimate user-interface to model, visualize, collaborate, and analyze electrical networks.


4:10 Webinars  
A brief overview on network system modeling and creating a one-line diagram (OLD). Learn how rule-based automated designs can significantly reduce the amount of hours spent on building a single-line diagram (SLD).

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