Grid Code Compliance & Management System

Reduce Risk & Protect Investment

Maximize yields and meet Transmission System Operator (TSO) stability & power quality requirements at Point of Connection (PoC) with ETAP Power Plant Control solution.

ETAP Power Plant Control solution includes an advanced electrical digital twin model combined with intelligent automation via ePPC Power Plant Controller, system monitoring via model-driven eSCADA™ platform, and grid compliance auditing via eTESLA™ Dynamic System Monitoring Recorder.


End-to-End Solution

power plant controller, power plant control, photovoltaic power plant control, photovoltaic power plant controller, power grid stability, photovoltaic power plant, power grid management, power grid, power grid voltage, power factorYour plant is a huge investment that requires control, routine maintenance, and continuous insight to keep it running efficiently, safely, and profitably. ETAP Power Plant Control solution ensures optimized yields through precise automated regulation and control.

ETAP Power Plant Control solution utilizes the digital control twin of the actual power plant controller to guarantee its performance under various grid and plant operating conditions.  Mirroring design knowledge into operations ensures smooth generation plant operation and reduced downtime.


Validate, Control & Visualize

Integrated Power Plant Controller & System Monitoring

Intelligent and secure controller hardware ensures compliance with local grid code and standards

ePPC Controller
ePPC Power Plant Controller & eSCADA Network Management

Manage & Comply

Grid Compliance Monitoring & Reporting

Assessment and continuous audit of actual operation versus expected response

eTESLA Dynamic System Monitoring Recorder

Design & Automation

Dynamic System Modeling, Validation & Automation

Services to build, simulate, tune & automate control systems

Engineering Services


Design & Operational Challenges

A renewable power plant is a huge investment that requires control, routine maintenance, and continuous insight to keep it running efficiently, safely, and profitably. Each generation resource is capable of individual control functions but must coordinate, as a unified regiment, to appear as a single source at the Point of Interconnect (POI).

The variable nature of renewable energy introduces power quality concerns, including frequency and voltage control, that may negatively impact the reliable performance of a power system.  In today’s dynamic energy generation environment, power plant owners require sophisticated & integrated control solutions to meet a variety of operational compliance and interconnection standards.


Solution Benefits

ETAP ePPC solution guarantees generation system operators maximum yields and contributes to the stability of public utility grids. It meets the requirements of grid operators worldwide with its ability to regulate voltage, reactive and active power and the power factor at the grid feed-in point quickly and precisely. ETAP ePPC allows utility-scale power plants, including conventional, wind & solar to meet their modern competitive needs.

  • Ensure the resiliency & reliability of power supply
  • Conform to grid requirements
  • Reduce risk throughout planning and operations
  • Full dynamic control for enhanced stability
  • Power conditioning & improved power quality 
  • Enhance reliability by utilizing dynamic models
  • Meet investor expectations of energy yield
  • Accurate forecast of yield & transfer capability
  • Operation, maintenance & compliance auditing
  • Greater transparency & investment security

Power plant controller logic can be adjusted and customized by the user/integrator to meet plant-specific requirements. Remote hot-updates to power plant controller logic, and continuous performance monitoring reduce maintenance costs & commissioning delays.


Integrated Power Plant Controller & SCADA

Intelligent and secure controller hardware ensures compliance with local grid code and standards. ETAP Power Plant Controller leverages a model-driven electrical digital twin for visualization, predictive calculations, optimization, and management of renewable power plants.

Monitor and gain insight into asset health and perform preventive maintenance based on present and anticipated conditions by combining PPC and SCADA with dedicated HMIs and predictive analytics applications.

Grid Compliance Monitoring & Reporting

Continuous monitoring of steady-state and dynamic plant response to tune the electrical model, identify generator / AVR / governor and control parameters and confirm Power Plant Controller response under actual operating conditions.

eTESLA hardware and software solution performs the assessment and continuous audit of actual operation versus expected response. The System operating condition is compared with established grid code rules for compliance reporting and evaluation.


ePPC™ – Power Plant Controller

Model-Driven Power Plant Controller & SCADA for Renewables

Learn how ETAP ePPC solution leverages an electrical digital twin from design to validation and automation of renewable power plants. Understand how we extend ePPC with dedicated HMIs and ETAP eSCADA for asset health monitoring, predictive analysis, and preventive maintenance regimes to optimize plant production.



Enhanced End-to-End Real-Time SIL/HIL Workflows with ETAP and ePHASORSIM


The ETAP/ePHASORSIM hybrid power system solution is ideally suited for installing and certifying any new device on the grid for protection, monitoring and control, thus reducing risk and costly commissioning time—as well as validation of reliability and security of any transmission, distribution and generation grid before implementation. Users can simulate SIL and HIL scenarios in real time, greatly reducing time-to-market. We will demonstrate the time-savings and value of this solution by exporting an ETAP model to ePHASORsim and controlling it in closed-loop with ETAP’s controller hardware.  To fine-tune the response, we will change the ETAP model, export again, the re-start the simulation—a cycle commonly observed in testing environments. 


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