Industry Segments

  • Engineering Consulting

    Engineering Consulting

    According to the Top 40 Electrical Design Firms published in EC&M Magazine, 100% of the Top 10 Electrical Design Firms rely on ETAP

  • Data Centers

    Data Centers

    ETAP offers advanced power analysis, simulation, and operation solution for the smart Data Centers

  • Oil and Gas

    Oil & Gas

    Oil and gas exploration leads companies to some of the most remote, inhospitable locations on Earth in search of energy

  • Transportation System


    Integrated power system network analysis and power management suite for diverse applications like marine, AC & DC railways and aerospace

  • Manufacturing


    Top manufacturers around the world depend on ETAP to meet the industry's rigorous requirements

  • Power Generation

    Fossil Fuel Generation

    From basic standby systems to 24/7 mission-critical generation, some of the world's most advanced power generation plants count on ETAP

  • Metals Mining

    Metals & Mining

    ETAP brings significant energy savings to the industry by diverting non-essential loads during hours of high energy costs

  • Nuclear Power Generation

    Nuclear Generation

    ETAP has established itself as the de facto standard for nuclear generation plants

  • Renewable Energy


    ETAP enables designers and engineers to conceptualize the collector systems, determine wind penetration and perform grid interconnection studies

  • Utility Distribution

    Utility Distribution

    An integrated geospatial-driven planning, protection & Advanced Distribution Management System - ADMS

  • Utility Transmission

    Utility Transmission

    Transmission utility owners and operators use ETAP to design, plan and operate their transmission assets and networks

  • Government Defense Facilities

    Government & Defense

    ETAP has been deployed at government institutions and armed forces facilities, worldwide

  • Education


    Colleges and universities use ETAP to teach students in electrical engineering to design, model, and analyze electrical power systems