Unbalanced Network Load Flow Analysis

Unbalanced Network Load Flow Software

Unbalanced Network Load Flow

Unbalanced Network Load Flow Analysis

ETAP Unbalanced Network Load Flow Analysis software empowers engineers to easily model your unbalanced system, incorporating a detailed representation of component unsymmetrical characteristics, while providing accurate, reliable, and insightful results that describe your system's unbalanced operation conditions and open phase conditions. 

Unbalanced Load Flow Analysis

The Unbalanced Network Load Flow Analysis program efficiently solves unbalanced networks and provides thorough results including phase and sequence values of voltage levels, power flows, current distribution, and unbalance indices throughout the electrical system. Automatic alarms / warning are incorporated to compare limits and duties for the correct design and operation of power system apparatus.

Additionally, the module offers comprehensive reports, a diverse set of visualization tools, and an efficient result analyzer to enhance engineers' analysis efficiency.

A unified AC/DC load flow is offered as a separate capability, enabling engineers to seamlessly analyze both AC and DC networks simultaneously. 


Key Features & Capabilities

  • Current-injection method
  • Single-phase & unbalanced 3-phase modeling
  • Swing, voltage regulated, & unregulated power sources
  • Capability curve for renewable sources
  • Transformer load tap changers (LTC / regulators)
  • Machine/transformer various grounding types
  • Modeling of transformer winding connections
  • Modeling of transformer buried delta winding
  • Detailed modeling of three single-phase transformer
  • Transmission line coupling between phases of one line & multiple lines
  • Loads of constant power, constant impedance & constant current
  • Networks under VFD - no-load, parallel and meshed network
  • Machine internal sequence impedances
  • Unbalanced & nonlinear load modeling
  • Auto-adjust control equipment settings, e.g. voltage regulator, switched capacitor, STATCOM, active harmonic filter, etc.
  • Phase & sequence voltage, current, & power
  • Voltage & current unbalance factors
  • Single open phase and double open phase fault insertion and simulation
  • Unbalanced power flow using real-time operating data from State Estimation
  • Auto-Run feature when system or study setting is changed
  • Conduct unlimited “what-if” studies within one database 100,000+ bus capability
  • Multi-CPU calculation capability for blazing calculation speeds for complete network
  • Optimized performance for solar panel and inverter control, now converges better and faster
  • Automatic device evaluation
  • User-defined python report in report manager
  • Three and single-phase systems in plot analyzer
  • Advanced user-definable result analyzer for worst-case analysis
  • Enhanced GIS calculation and display

The Unbalanced Network Load Flow module can operate in an offline mode utilizing user defined loading and generations. The application also interfaces with the online mode utilizing the status of the real-time system and estimated loading as well as voltages from the state and load estimation calculations in Real-Time mode.

A robust and efficient power flow solution method must be able to model special features of distribution systems with sufficient accuracy. With this application, you can easily model your unbalanced network system with detailed representation of component unsymmetrical characteristics. Accurate and reliable results are available describing your system’s unbalanced operating conditions.


Open-Phase Fault Analysis advances safety, reliability, cost-savings for the nuclear industry

Open-Phase Fault Analysis advances safety, reliability, cost-savings for the nuclear industry

ETAP and industry experts from the ETAP NUUG, successfully enhanced the ETAP Unbalanced Load Flow module to be able to model and analyze the effects of both single and double open-phase faults.

TVA Experience with Open-Phase Fault Safety Challenges

TVA Experience with Open-Phase Fault Safety Challenges

This presentation will discuss how the recently updated ETAP unbalanced load flow feature has been used for analyzing the effects of an open-phase fault on several TVA nuclear power stations.


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