DC Short Circuit

DC Short Circuit Analysis

ETAP DC Short Circuit Analysis software evaluates system fault conditions and assesses protective device ratings for DC systems. To assure the safe operation of Direct Current (DC) systems, a DC short circuit analysis must be carried out to evaluate system conditions under a fault and assess protective device ratings.
DC Short Circuit analysis with results printed on a one-line diagram

DC Short Circuit Key Features

  • IEEE Standard 946
  • Integrated AC & DC Systems
  • Total bus and branch contribution fault currents
  • Fault current rising time
  • Battery & Charger modeling per IEEE / IEC Standard

DC Short Circuit Capabilities

  • Analyze ratings of protective devices
  • Calculate the total fault current
  • Calculate contributions from different sources
  • Calculate decay rate of the fault currents
  • Automatically flag marginal & overstressed devices

A complete short circuit calculation should provide details of fault current variations at the fault location as well as for contributing branches, from the initiation of the fault to its end. Due to the complexities involved in source behaviors and the nonlinearity characteristics of the equipment, such calculations are very extensive and therefore the maximum short circuit current is often calculated for examination of protective device ratings.


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ETAP Short Circuit Analysis allows you to analyze the effect of balanced and unbalanced faults and automatically compare these values against manufacturer short circuit current ratings. Quickly determine optimal and worst-case fault current device duty with analyzers, plots and reports.

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