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System Managers

System Managers

Theme, Configuration, Plot, Report & Data Managers
ETAP offers an extensive set of useful and time saving tools for reporting, batch data processing, presentation, presentation theme management, and more.

Theme Manager

  • Display color coding based on:
    - Standard
    - Voltage level
    - Area
    - Grounding: Solid, Low-Z, High-Z, Ungrounded
    - Earthing: TT, TN, IT, NEC
    - Grounding by ground switch
  • Set different themes for individual one-line diagrams
  • Flexible coloring for AC & DC elements, annotations, & composite networks
  • Assign visible color codes to alerts, alarms, & warnings
  • Easily differentiate between 1-phase, 2-phase, & 3-phase systems
  • Modify element, grid, & background colors
  • Display faulted buses by symbol or color
Theme Manager

Configuration Manager

  • Tabulate & control different status configurations
  • Compare source, load, & switching device status
  • Flag changed data with checker capability
  • Copy, merge, export, import, & print
ETAP Configuration Manager
Report Manager

Report Manager

  • Customizable output reports & plots
  • Input, results, alerts, & summary reports
  • Reports via Crystal Reports® viewer
  • PDF, Microsoft Word, Access, & Excel® reports
  • Element ID & text search capability
  • Multi-Language Report
Data Manager

Data Manager

  • View / edit Base & Revision Data
  • View equipment properties for individual fields
  • View State & Service
  • View absolute value or differences
  • Display & filter study data
  • Graphical data management and merge per individual equipment


Live Plots & Graphical Result Visualization

  • Live Plots overlay with previous study results
  • Embedded Live Plots on One-Line Diagram
  • Utilize with all major ETAP modules
  • Individual or Subplot views
  • Export to Excel
  • Zoom, Pan, Hairline based value tracking

Plot Manager

  • Load plots from multiple projects
  • Save plot style as templates
  • Customize legend, grid lines &  plot options
  • User-defined application styles
  • Automatic best fit, label layout, etc.
  • Zoom, pan, tile, & cross-hair
plot manager


Plot Comparison, Multiple report graphics, Python frameworks

  • Efficient Power System Analysis by comparing graphical results from multiple studies
  • Advanced high-speed Python frameworks
  • Available for all modules with plot-based reports
  • Automatic sizing and sub-plot arrangements
  • Tooltip and cross-hair based value tracking
  • Copy to clipboard and export values to Excel
  • User configurable plots and settings
  • Automatic display of event information
  • Automatic display of alert information
  • Customize plot using Python

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