Visualisation & Archivage de Synchrophaseurs (PMU)

PMU Archive & Visualization

Phasor Measurement Unit Archive & Visualization

ETAP provides the ability to archive and display Phasor Measurement Units (PMU) data.
Phasor Measurement Unit Archive & Visualization

This information allows you to analyze system-wide disturbances, detect islanding conditions, and determine stability limits of your electrical network. ETAP provides you with an intuitive visualization tool to analyze conditions detected by PMUs in your network.

PMU Archive & Visualization Key Features

  • Transfer data to DPET ETAP module for Generator, Governor and Exciter tuning
  • COMTRADE Sequence of Events Recorders and PMUs
  • Fault and Dynamic Disturbance Recorder Downloads
  • Online and archive data trending
  • Data Capture from PMUs




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