Transformer Inrush Analysis

Transformer Inrush

Transformer Inrush Analysis

Energization Study & Impact Analysis
Improve system protection and avoid possible misoperation by incorporating transformer inrush into system protection studies. Utilize a convenient and validated approach for transformer inrush current calculation with phasor-based transient stability analysis.
  • Inrush Simulation using Magnetization Characteristics
  • Sympathetic Inrush - Single & Multi-Transformer
  • Verified & Validated Calculations


Key Features

  • Detailed Transformer Modeling
  • Transformer Energization Inrush
  • Sympathetic Inrush
  • Fault Clearance Inrush
  • Simulate the Impact of Inrush Current
  • Evaluate and Size Pre-magnetizing Transformers
  • Utilize Transformer Magnetization Curve Points
  • Consider Transformer Remnant Flux
  • Graphical Result Plots

Magnetizing inrush current in transformers results from any abrupt changes of the magnetizing voltage. This may be caused by energizing an unloaded transformer, occurrence of an external fault, voltage recovery after clearing an external fault and out-of phase synchronizing of connected generator. Therefore,  a detailed analysis of the magnetizing inrush current under various conditions is necessary to evaluate voltage dip, and protective relay operation.



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