Traction Power Energy Efficiency

Traction Power Energy Efficiency

Traction Power Energy Efficiency

Due to environmental impact and cost, reduction in energy consumption is a constant priority for traction power operators and engineers. eTraX™ traction power analysis software analyzes and evaluates innovations and technologies utilized to increase energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions.

Wayside Battery Storage

Wayside Energy Storage

  • Manage battery energy storage systems
  • Recover unused energy generated from braking trains
  • Evaluate battery charging & discharging

Regenerative Breaking

  • Offset power demand of other trains and loads
  • Decrease energy waste from heat dissipation
  • Determine impact of regenerative breaking

Reactive Power Compensation

  • Reduce losses on the transmission grid
  • Maintain adequate voltages and power factor
  • Modeling and simulation
    • Static Var Compensators (SVC)
    • Static Compensators (STATCOM)
    • Switched Capacitors with built-in controllers
Model, Analyse and Simulate Reactive Power Compensation


Reactive Power Compensation with STATCOM


Reactive Power Compensation without STATCOM



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