Capacitor Hazards Evaluation


Capacitor Hazards Evaluation - Article 360 and Appendix R of NFPA 70E 2021

Comply with the latest safety requirements related to stored capacitor energy hazards such as shock, thermal and arc-flash blast! The capacitor stored energy hazard evaluation is fully integrated in ETAP 20.5 and allows for safety warning labels for capacitor hazards. Features include:

  • Evaluation of Capacitor Stored Energy Shock, Thermal and Arc Blast Hazards:
    • Evaluation capacitor discharge time against different discharge standards such as:
      • NEC 2020
      • CSA C22.1-18
      • IEC 60831-2014
      • IEEE-18-2012
      • NFPA70E-2021
    • Stored Energy Arc-Flash Hazard Calculation
    • Hearing Protection Boundary
    • Lung Protection/Collapse Boundary
  • Consider the effect of capacitor stored energy (connected or disconnected from power supply)

    Capacitor Hazard Evaluation Results

    Published in:

    • Custom and standard labels per Annex R.15 in NFPA 70E 2021
    • Arc Flash Result Analyzer
    • Datablocks
    • Excel Reports

    Capacitor Hazards Calculator

    • Quickly evaluate capacitor hazards and generate immediate labels for single locations or thousands of locations by using a batch process (i.e., no requirement for one line diagram)
    • Visualize plots for:
      • Arc Flash and Blast Hazard Boundaries
      • Capacitor Voltage Discharge with respect to time