Live Plots & Graphical Result Visualization

PlotView™ Live Plots


Advanced Framework for Plotting & Live Charts

PlotView is an advanced all-in-one solution for graphical report creation and data analysis. PlotView utilizes advanced & high-speed frameworks for charting and graphing. With comprehensive design and intuitive interface, users can maximize work productivity and save time comparing, generating, and maintain high-quality plots for their power system studies.

Key Features

  • Plot Live Charts and overlay with the previous result 
  • Embed Live Charts on One-Line Diagram 
  • Utilize the new framework with all major ETAP modules  
  • Configure & save plot styles per chart type (line, bar, etc.)
  • Perform automatic sizing & chart layout 
  • Utilize tooltip & hairline based value tracking on multiple axes
  • Copy chart to clipboard & export values to excel 
  • User-configurable plots & settings 
  • Best fit data to the plot
  • Zoom, pan, adjust plot layout, etc. 

Live Charts

Compare and overlay previous results with new study conditions on the same plot.


Live Charts – Single Line

Plots live study results directly on the one-line diagram for multiple devices.

Motor Terminal Current

Line Charts

Line charts allow for time series data to be plotted such as time domain load flow, motor starting and transient stability.


Bar Charts

Bar charts allow for non-time-based information such as equipment sensitivity, harmonic spectrum, etc. to be displayed.


Surface & Contour Plots

Surface & contour plots allow for 2D and 3D charts to be generated based on built-in PlotView.


Editor Plots

View and interact with the data from ETAP engineering library directly within the element editors.


Dynamic Response Analysis using UDM Scope Plot View

Dynamic Response Analysis using UDM Scope Plot View

ETAP UDM is used to build complex control diagrams for machines & renewable energy systems via a graphical editor and includes solvers for simulating system dynamics. Learn how to use UDM Plot View to compare & analyze these dynamic simulation results from single or multiple cases in a quick & efficient manner.


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