Transmission & Distribution Protection

Transmission & Distribution Protection

T&D Protection & Coordination Analysis Software

distance relay characteristics

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Distance Relay Characteristic Plot

protective device sequence of operation event viewer

Sliding Fault Simulation on ETAP One-line Diagram

Interactive Result Viewer
Transmission system one-line diagram showing a double-bus configuration
dynamic expansion of mho characteristic plot


StarZ - Protection & Coordination Analysis

StarZ - Protection & Coordination Analysis

Per North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), 28% of protective relay mis-operations are due to incorrect settings and logics. These errors mainly stem from the existing relay testing procedures that do not provide a proper mechanism to easily and effectively evaluate the performance of all settings, logics, and the protection system as a whole. ETAP StarZ™ is a new solution to minimize protective relay setting errors and reduce the time required to perform protection and coordination studies.


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