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Load Analyzer

Load Analyzer Analysis

Load Analyzer is an invaluable tool during the design / planning phase as well as analyzing existing electrical systems because running system studies like load flow analysis may not be possible due to an incomplete one-line diagram or data.
The Load Analyzer module is designed as a generalized load list to report load schedules for power system components such as switchgear, MCC, transformers, cables, lines, panels, etc. Different reports provide informative data regarding all loads connected downstream to equipment.

Load Analyzer Software Reports

  • Bus Loading
  • Bus Summary
  • Cable List
  • Load List
  • MCC Tabulation
  • Tabular One-Line
  • System Load
  • Transformer List
  • and more
Load analyzer editor where you can select the loading category, load diversity factor, power factor, and efficiency

Reports include the following user options:

  • Base or Revision Data
  • Configuration
  • Loading Category
  • Connected / Operating Loads
  • Continuous / Intermittent / Spare Loads
  • Continuous / Non-Continuous Loads
  • Demand Factors
  • Diversity (Deviation) Factors
Load Analyzer output report for example project



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