e-DPP - Electrical Data Processing Program

Electrical Data Processing Program Interface

e-DPP Interface

e-DPP is a complimentary tool for electric power system data exchange with ETAP.
e-DPP - Electrical Data Processing Program Interface Software ETAP

e-DPP has comprehensive equipment data sheet templates, schedule templates, and customizable default libraries. Operate e-DPP in batch mode, to automate the generation of the electrical schedules and data sheets.

The ETAP e-DPP interface is a tool for synchronizing data between ETAP and e-DPP. It uses information available in e-DPP to add, modify, and delete elements in ETAP.


e-DPP Interface Key Features

  • Map attributes of e-DPP® to ETAP elements
  • Automatic one-line diagram generation
  • Synchronize e-DPP® data to ETAP projects
  • Database mapping via graphic user interface

e-DPP Interface Capabilities

  • Significantly reduce hours needed to perform system studies
  • Flexibility to use all ETAP modules for analysis
  • Avoid duplicate/incorrect data entry
  • Direct communication with e-DPP
  • Enter data in e-DPP and/or ETAP



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