Cable Constants

Cable Constants

Cable Constants

Base Package - Cable Manager

Impedance – Cable constants calculation is an easy-to-use tool for positive and zero sequence impedance calculations. It uses the user-friendly graphical interface of the cable editor and the complete ETAP cable library. The calculation considers cable configuration, installation and operating conditions.

Max Induced Voltage – In the Physical page of cable editor, an intuitive and user-friendly calculation tool is provided to perform the calculation of the induced voltage gradient on the shield, sheath or/and armor in V/1000 ft or V/km based on the cable configuration and loading of the cable.

Max stress - A calculation tool used to calculate the maximum voltage stress of the conductor insulation is provided in the Physical page of cable editor.


Impedance Calculation Key Features

  • Positive and Zero sequence calculation of R, X, Y
  • IEC Standard 60909-3
  • Single or multiple core cables
  • Various cable physical layers
  • Flat and triplex/trefoil layout
  • Different installation types

Induced Voltage and Insulation Stress Key Features

  • Induced voltage in grounded Sheath/Armor
  • Induced voltage in grounded shied/screen
  • Flat or triplex/trefoil installation
  • Maximum voltage stress across insulation




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